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How much do you tip a taxi or Uber driver?

Asked by janbb (62853points) 1 week ago

As asked.

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Years ago I would tip $5—$10 and I stopped because it was training the drivers to be goofy.

Goofy like trying to fix me up with their sisters, and speeding.

I have learned not to discuss religion or politics with taxi drivers, and stick to good news, and weather.

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Depends on friendliness and accuracy. I had one driver ignore the map on his phone (he said he knew a faster way) – ended up getting lost and making me late. No tip for him.

On the other hand, I had a Lyft driver from the airport whose license plate was PIANOJAZ – he was a really cool guy, knew his music, and we had a great 30-minute conversation on jazz. He got a big tip from me.

All depends.

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Still looking for answers on percentages – rough amounts.

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@janbb Sorry. I would tip $5—$10 on a $7.50 ride so was 33% – 125%.

I was told to stop tipping as I need the money for food.

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15–20% is my standard tip for anything that calls for a tip, whether it’s a hairstylist, Lyft/DoorDash driver, or waiter service. Higher than that would be in reaction to remarkable service or if I’m feeling generous; lower would result from particularly bad service.

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$5 or 20%, whichever is more

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On a taxi ride, if it’s less than 10 dollars, I’d give 2 dollars. If it’s 20 dollars, I’d give 4 or 5 dollars.

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15–20%. Also, depends on how far the drive is and how good the driver was. If I realize they are taking me the very long way around I am giving them less if the fare is per mile.

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Zero British Pounds.

You Americans and your weird tipping culture.

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I don’t like the whole tipping thing. I like to know the cost of an item, pay that price, and take it home. If there is something unusually and unexpectedly wonderful, then a tip is fine. I tip food servers on the few occasions that I agree to actually eat food not prepared by me in my home.

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@SnipSnip If you take a taxi or use a ride app, you don’t tip?

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About 30°.

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@cookieman Fahrenheit? Man, that’s cold.

I will tip 20 – 25% for a taxi, depending on length of ride and location. Most of the time it is a matter of rounding up rather than the actual percentage.

And I only tip an Uber about half the time, because their pricing is already too high.

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@zenvelo I think 30 is degrees as an angle. As I tipped at a 30 degree angle.

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@zenvelo: counter-clockwise.

@RedDeerGuy1: ;^)

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@jca2 Both take tips in my world. I’ve never taken an uber but we used to arrange it for my mother and there was tipping with every ride. Perhaps custom is part of this or length of time since my mother could go out alone. It’s been over five years since she could.

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Terrible = $0.00 and a 1 star
Normal = $0.00 – $1.00 and 5 Stars
Great ride = $3–5 and 5 Stars
Get me to the airport or train so I don’t miss it ride = $10 with 5 Stars and a good review.

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