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If you had to choose one body part to have severed off, what would it be?

Asked by shadling21 (6501points) September 25th, 2008

It has to be bigger than a toe.

Inspired by this article.

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When I’m lying there awake, and should be asleep, my brain.

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Your typing hand.

(you never said it had to be MY bodypart ;-)

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Slingshot of a word yaaa cprevite…

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my appendix

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An ear, like van Gogh. Then I’d just get a large facial tattoo to cover up the scar.

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i didnt realize it had to be an extremity. in that case, i would choose my hair.

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Dang you people, getting around my question. I was hoping to discover what body pieces people would sacrifice before others. But you’re too clever…

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Pinky finger.

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Your head, since you are not using it?

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Ohhhhh Marina that hurts hehehehheh

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