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Will you lend large sum of money to your girlfriend ?

Asked by PredatorGanazX (222points) September 25th, 2008

Its becoming a pattern where your partner keep borrowing money in big amounts and there is no sign that he/she going to pay back the money.

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If that is the pattern. i.e. lending more and more and never paying back. Then absolutely not! In fact I can virtually guarantee you that you will never see your money back.

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I think you need to think of it as an expensive lesson, stop doing it, and stop seeing her.

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I probably would not. I can’t afford to loan large amounts of money on a regular basis, with no hope for recovery. It doesn’t mean she’s a bad person, it just means so probably is a better match for someone other than me.

On the other hand, if she were a mortgage/investment bank in trouble… ;)

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If you continually give her sums of money that she never pays back, you are literally paying for sex with her.

We all know what that is called, don’t we?

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Unfortunately not getting any as well tushee JackAdams…

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Then dump her, Amigo.

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short and simple, no!

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Do you ever watch Judge Judy? Virtually every law suit on there is from ex boyfriend/girlfriend where one keeps “borrowing” from the other and never pays it back. I call it being used. Dump her.

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ahaha. Oh man, I’ve been there. My now ex still hasn’t paid me back 500$ from over two years ago. Relationships are hard enough as it is. Don’t add the extra burden of money woes.

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Based on your details: stop lending. She’s not going to pay you back and if you keep lending you are enabling whatever behavior is getting her into debt as well as, you know, throwing your money away.

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I have been through that exact situation, took out loan just to give him 4,000 and many many times gave 200 and more at a time. I literally broke myself just to help him out constantly only to in the end be told I am not in love with u anymore.

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Never lend to friends and family money you can’t afford to loose.

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Get out, get out, get out. Run for your life. This is not a healthy relationship. She is using you.

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And keep in mind that

Assassination is always an option

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Jack, theyre going to haul you off to Guantanimo!

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No, I doubt it.

When you work there once, they don’t normally bring you back for another assignment there.

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I don’t think it would be on assignment my friend!

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If you’ve lent her a lot of money already, and she shows no sign of paying it back, then don’t lend her any more. And if you absolutely must, get clear repayment terms in writing, so that when the relationship is over and you need to take her to court, you can have a chance at recovering the money.

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You have been giving her money, not lending it. She isn’t going to pay it back. If you want to give her more, then go ahead, but know that you’re giving it, not lending it. I believe that Judi said this already, but once more can’t hurt: Do not give away/lend money to friends or family that you cannot afford to get back.

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No, it definitely sounds like she’s using you. The more you let her get away with it, the longer she’s going to continue the behavior. Either put a stop to it, or ditch her. The latter would accomplish both.. sweet!

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Cheers Lee 27 – yeah there are just not worth our love in the first place.

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U got me there Jack Adams.

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To your girlfriend? No way in hell.

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It’s not a good idea to mix the two: relationship and financial transaction. If you do, it becomes hard to decide if she cares for you as her mate or as her ATM.

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