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Enn-dive or On-Deev? How do you pronounce it?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33185points) 1 month ago

Endives are leafy vegetables.

I have always pronounced in Enn-Dive (like diving into a pool).

I heard someone say it as ‘on-deev’ on TV. That seems pretentious and wrong.

How do you pronounce it?

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Well, it looks like a french word, so the latter.

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The former is the English effort to irritate the French.

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On the rare occasion when I have to pronounce it – on-deev.

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I prefer eating bok choy, but I’ve eaten my share of on-DEEV.

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My mother taught me to say “on-dive” when she hand me a leaf with a spoonful of shrimp on it.

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In French, the “en” is pronounced “ohn” like “ohn-velope” not “enn-velope.” The “i” is pronounced “ee” so it would be ohn-deev.

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Depends on which side of the pond I’m on.

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According to the American Heritage Dictionary, it can be pronounced either way; however, your way is the preferred pronunciation.

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The French way, because I’m classy and refined. :)

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I say Enn-dive, but I had never even heard of it until an Italian friend made an endive pie about 27 years ago when she was staying with me, and now I am wondering if she said the word to me in English when I asked her what it was. I think it is more likely she said it in Italian or Spanish, but I am not sure. I didn’t know it was a French word, so I am open to changing how I pronounce it.

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eh (nasal vowel) + deev

Not with a contrived accent, but in keeping with the word’s pronunciation.

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My Midwestern roots have always pronounced it ENdive. It was only when I was working with an multi-cultural team in a major hotel in Dallas that I heard the other pronunciation.—I also heard marjoram referred to as marYOR-ma.

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