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How can some people chew with their mouth open and smack their food and not realize how GROSS it is?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46857points) 4 weeks ago


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Because it being “gross” is not an inherent property of it, but a societal convention, invented, alongside a cavalcade of other rules in the catalogue of “etiquette” and “table manners”, by the aristocracy and bourgeoisie in order to separate and elevate themselves from and above the common rabble, which has over time sept and crept into the general population and turned into a somehow “universal standard” that everyone is expected to adhere to, or face mockery and judgement.

As Martin Luther, father of christian protestantism famously said:
“Why don’t you fart nor burp? Wasn’t the food to your liking?”

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This reminds me of an episode of Star Trek Enterprise, where an alien diplomatic delegation stormed off the ship, because they were incredibly offended by the humans eating.
See, for the aliens, eating was an incredibly intimate and private activity that was never to be done publicly, similar to like humans treat sex.

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I have to agree with @ragingloli on this one. If you’ve eaten with a diverse group of foreigners like I have, you’d be told it’s actually more polite (in some other cultures) to make noises and slurp as a show of appreciation to the cook. Even burp! Ha!!

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@ragingloli @KNOWITALL Exactly! And thank you.

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But it’s not OK in this culture!

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^ What culture?

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@hat haha! I believe she’s referencing Western culture (US), although with all the immigrants perhaps that’s changing as well. I know my Vietnamese friends are great slurpers. :) I hear a lot of Canadians are mouth open chewers, too.

Fun fact: Your sense of smell plays a big role in taste, so chewing with an open mouth releases aromas making food taste better.

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^ She already asked about slurping.

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The person who I’m referring to was born and raised in Alabama. He’s not an immigrant.

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Ah, Alabama. The land where reverse cowgirl is illegal.
Because you never turn your back on family.

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All about training by the parents. We kids got in trouble for chewing with open mouths, so we learned…

Culture or not, I don’t wish to see someone chewing their cud.

@Dutchess_III Alabama is a pretty strange state, so it doesn’t surprise me.

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Maybe they’re subconsciously trying to assert dominance. /s

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@ragingloli And Arkansas!

@Dutchess_III Possibly dentures depending on age? A lot of seniors masticulate more with falsies. My mama would have slapped me into next week! Ha!

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Not old at all.

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What if they’re chewing with their mouth open and slurping soup while walking into a convenience store in their pajamas and slippers to buy candy and pop with food stamps?

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Their mothers didn’t teach them table manners.

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Poor upbringing, probably by people that went on about how social constructs and etiquette were not important, how it was much more important to make a statement.

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I taught him table manners.
How he missed the looks of disgust others gave him, I don’t know.

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Some people have no style.

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I like eating alone. That way I can clean the food gunk from my gums… with my fingers.

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@RedDeerGuy1 and drink soup from the bowl

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@YARNLADY Also the stew pot.

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No one taught them table etiquette, or they just don’t care about societal norms or other people’s comfort. Part of keeping your mouth closed is not only the comfort of others, but also to prevent choking. Breathing in while you have food in your mouth can be deadly.

Another possibility: If they have bad sinus or allergies, they might have trouble keeping their mouth closed a long time while chewing.

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blech! My stomach just turned. Try a toothbrush – great invention.

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@smudges I don’t want to waste valuable chocolate. Besides toothbrushes hurt my gums.

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@RedDeerGuy1 If your gums hurt, you really should see a dentist. I would guess there’s a problem of some sort going on, like maybe gum disease; you could lose your teeth. Also, your toothbrush should always be the ones labeled “soft”.

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Some people can’t breathe, through their nose.
If that’s stopped up, then you aren’t even able to eat, as nature intended.

I feel like this is the same as loud mouth-breathers.

It’s a situational awareness, and awareness or lack there of, thing.
Some people make “biological” noises, all the time. I often wonder, can they hear other people? That’s why I am fairly silent.

In my own house, I have serious problems, with people who voice issues with my etiquette. I have, and still will, drag a disrespectful person from my area.

It’s situational though. I would try to adhere to most public standards, if the occasion called for it.

Honestly, if I detected that something had decided to be offended by me, ya know because they’re not an animal, I would probably try to be more offensive.

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@smudges I want at least medium toothbrushes.

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Because they do not have misophonia.

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@MrGrimm888 That’s up to you of course, but the American Dental Association recommends soft.

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Also annoying are people who, while they’re talking and eating, wave their utensils around to gesture.

@smudges You’re right – soft is what is recommended. That’s why that’s what the dentist gives out – soft toothbrushes, not hard or medium.

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Soft is like scrubbing your teeth with cotton.

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@Dutchess_III Not quite, since they’re bristles, not cotton, and that’s what the dentist and Dental Assoc recommends.

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@smudges I see the dentist on April 22nd. For about ~2 hours.

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My teeth, enjoy a thorough scrubbing. I usually just brush once a day, unless I’m doing something special. I like the firmer bristles.
I never feel like soft is doing anything. Maybe of I brushed thrice a day…
@smudges The “American” Dental Association is a left-wing conspiracy.

Jesus intended for us to use camel hair, and harsh chemicals. It’s in the Bible.

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I got Nimbus extra soft toothbrushes when I had gum surgery. Very gentle, so good for short term while my gums were healing. Took off most of the food particles. Didn’t scrub my teeth perfectly clean so plaque accumulated after a while.

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LOL @MrGrimm888 “conspiracy!”

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^There’s nothing funny about how you liberals are destroying this country with your “woke” soft bristles….

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It is spelt “libruls”. Get it right!

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^They’re trying to destroy the country! They want people to have healthcare, education, AND affordable housing. They want to help the mass exodus of rapists, drug dealers, and gang members, who most leftists spend weekends secretly smuggling in so they can vote, and receive free money!

Look. Hillary ate, AND sexually trafficked children, in Pizza Huts.

Do I have to remind everyone that ALL of the evil in the world is shaking in their boots, in fear of Trump.

Trump is the ONLY one, standing between us, and the Jews’ space lasers.

It’s important to remember that America was put here, by God, fir white Christians. The natives, were just ruining the land, and keeping it green for us.

You just have to have faith.

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@MrGrimm888 Sorry, can’t help but laugh it’s just so silly.

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The only smacking I can’t stand is gum smacking. There’s no reason for it other than to annoy others.

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Wait…. serious?

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I…will remember that @jonsblond!

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Dutch. I’m as serious, as Jewish Space Lasers!

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