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Should I wear an adult diaper from going under nitrous for two plus hours at the dentist? (POSSIBLY NSFW)

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24527points) 4 weeks ago

I’m getting a cleaning, a check up and my painful teeth looked at in another appointment. On April 22, 2024, and later for the painful teeth.

I have to pee every five minutes. Or how many hours before the appointment should I stop drinking fluids?

Edit I just called the dental office and they said to stop drinking fluids four hours before the appointment.

I will Update as information becomes available.

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If you have to pee literally every five minutes you need to see a urologist, too! If you choose to pee every five minutes that’s a different story and you might want to see a therapist about that one.

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@smudges I brought it up with the Dr. a month ago. She put me on antibiotics, the course was for 10 days, and I will bring it up on May 22.

My student psychologist graduated and I will see her after she gets her credentials in order.

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If I were to make that decision for myself 10 years ago the answer would be no. But since then I’ve been prescribed certain meds that cause my urge in that department t be more urgent.

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C., if you’re feeling uneasy about your upcoming dental appointment, it can’t hurt anyone or anything if you wear a protective undergarment. Doing so will put you at ease and make the overall experience easier.

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OK the hygienist gave me breaks, nearthe end I was ok. Next appointment Is may 7th.

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Only a cleaning and a check up today. Lots of dental work needed.

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Update My appointments are on hold until my dentist gets approval from my insurance for iv sedation as I had a panic attack an hour before my appointment.

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^^^ Yikes, @RedDeerGuy1, sorry you have such crippling anxiety.

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