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Will the Republicans make fools of themselves again (!!) by voting to dump Speaker Johnson this week?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33185points) 3 weeks ago

Jewish Space Laser-Lover Marjorie Taylor Greene said today that if Speaker Johnson didn’t resign the speakership, she would call for a vote this week to unseat him.

Do the Republicans realize how clownish this makes them appear?

Do you think she’ll pull the trigger? And if so, will the democrats bail Johnson out?

Is Greene a gift to the democratic party? (one that keeps giving and giving)

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Good question. It seems very unproductive for them to concentrate on this stupidity every few months. I also wonder why anybody would want to be Speaker of the House with this constant bullshit going on.

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No reason for the Democrats to rescue him. If the enemy is shooting at themselves then just get out of the way and let them shoot.

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I foresee more GOP house members leaving the “GOP clown show” and the Democrats will control the House

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Mike Johnson showed he could prevail over the MAGA clown show by passing the foreign aid bills Saturday with the help of Democrats. While I don’t love Johnson, I think the power of the MAGA idiots may be waning and Dems would support Johnson if a motion to vacate comes up.

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My gut is screaming of course they will. My friend with knowledge of what goes on in DC is telling me that a coalition of GOP Reps are threatening to quit so the Dems will gain the majority & Jeffries will become the next Speaker. I’ve seen nothing to back this up yet he NEVER lets me down so I have NO reason to doubt him!!! Yes, I think the Dems will support Johnson not because they like him but because they NEED him. This could be the pathway to Speaker Jeffries!!! I don’t trust Johnson as I feel he wants to become the next McConnell only worse.

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I felt the Dems should have helped McCarthy stay in. He had just helped do the sane thing of raising the debt ceiling, and it would have shown unity against MTG lunacy and reinforced working together with the Democrats. I say that the Dems should have voted to keep McCarthy only if they believed him to be reasonable going forward. I think mostly Dems didn’t help him hoping to show the Republicans are a mess and use that to beat them in elections.

Present day, I guess just let the Republicans deal with their party craziness, let them sink their ship. It’s disappointing to me.

Greene is not a gift in my opinion. I think she is seen as an extremist in the party, and people who vote for Republicans who view themselves as reasonable and more moderate probably just dismiss her as pebble in their shoe. They most likely view the Republicans as ok except for a few politicians, and Democrats feel the Republican party has been taken over by extremists.

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@JLeslie the Democrats are showing the GOP is “Clown Show” – - – their Fuehrer is a bigger farting clown. !

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^^I’m conflicted about it. What about the country? Chaos is not helpful. What if we reinforce sanity rather than spending so much time highlighting the insanity.

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In a word yes, but they do not care.

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@JLeslie I agree with you but just reinforcing sanity won’t matter so long as clowns keep running the circus. Greene and others like her don’t care about working for the people. She works for herself and rich people like herself. She is simply a clown who loves to cause chaos and doesn’t stop to think that her disruptions can destroy her party and possibly make us vulnerable to other nations. She doesn’t know how to do anything productive.

So until other Republicans with reasonable minds vote people like her out, this will continue. I am not a republican but I feel our nation needs two parties to function but not if one party is mostly dysfunctional. I fear the Republican Party is getting there. There will always be reasonable and unreasonable people on both sides of the aisle but I feel that more reasonable republicans are leaving and the clowns will be the only ones left.

I applaud Johnsons’ effort for sanity. Not every move in Congress has to be a big show. I long for the days when crap just happened and people mildly grumbled. But now everything is a life and death of the nation vote.

Like for years no one wanted to take on the infrastructure bill. So years, later, surprise, surprise the bill is huge, and people threw a fit when it passed. Our infrastructure needed the funds and for years no one wanted to take the blame for something that was needed. That is madness. If the infrastructure was funded properly over the years the bill would be a lot less. But they let everything get to crap before they said, oh, maybe we should do something about that. I mean it’s not like I never expected my tax dollars to go into maintaining our nation.

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It seems they have a third vote to oust him but Democrats have voiced that they may save him if he saves the foreign bill in totality. Also, it seems that Republicans don’t actually want to push him out they need him to resign. If he resigns it’s like giving 2 weeks notice for them to pick someone else while he serves. If he’s ousted then it can land in Jefries lap and the Republicans go to being the minority. So they are close to shooting themselves in the face. So maybe Dems won’t save him.

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@Pandora I don’t understand why the Republicans go to the minority.

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@JLeslie there seems to be 4 vacancies on the republican side. They just had one retire this week. So I think it makes them even with the Dems. So they are holding the seat because they had the numbers before. If he’s booted out then Dems can fight for the seat. If he resigns then he can still rule for 2 weeks till the Republicans name a new leadership. If it goes up for vote the only thing that would be needed is every Dem vote for Jefferies.

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@Pandora If he loses the seat, they would still be even if I understood correctly. Has he said he would resign if they oust him? That would be incredible for the Democrats to gain the majority. I haven’t been paying attention to the story.

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@JLeslie Okay as of Today there are 217 R and 213 D And 5 vacant seats Maybe it’s that if it goes up for vote Jeffries name can be put up for vote and he just needs to get more votes than any other Republican. Remember both sides vote for Speaker. And if half is needed all they would need is 3 Republicans to cross that line. I’m sure there are some so sick of MTG party that they would do it. Especially since it seems no one wants the position. Whoever takes it has to deal with having MTG pull them by the balls. She is making their party smaller..She’s like a Republican Repellant.

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@elbanditoroso Seems like they will vote to oust him to threaten him but stop short of having it go to the floor for a full vote.,but they need him to resign and he said he will not resign. So he’s calling their bluff.

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