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Please tell me more about the treatment for grinding teeth at night?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24542points) 1 month ago

Dentist says that I will have to wear it every night for the rest of my life.

It hasn’t been put in yet.

Please tell me more?

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I’ve worn one for the last 31 years, not a problem !

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I wear a night guard at night. It’s a plastic utensil the shape of my teeth that protects them. You’ll get used to it. I hardly notice it any more.

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My husband used to use a mouthguard. He did well with it. I just taught myself to wake up when I would grind my teeth and eventually, I stopped doing it. I would constantly repeat to myself that it was okay to relax my mouth. and I would rub my jaw before I go to sleep, And if I drooI because I relaxed my jaw that it was okay. I would just wash my pillowcase the next day. No big deal. I think concentrating on that every night put away any stressful thoughts before I went to bed. I think stress plays a big role in grinding teeth. Of course, it was easier for me to wake up because I found it hard to sleep if my jaw was sore. I occasionally have to refresh my mind on that but if I grind my teeth one time, I still wake up and then repeat relax my jaw, relax my jaw.

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I tried the kind of mouth guard that you buy, then let it shape itself to your mouth. That did not work for me. I had my dentist make a set of upper and lower mouth guards. They are comfortable, and I wear just one at night, but I could use both.

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I had a different kind of mouth guard for mine. It only went over the two front teeth. Putting it there kept the mouth from having molar to molar contact. My grinding was, I believe, all stress related. Once I removed the stress, I didn’t need the mouth guard any longer. I haven’t worn it in years.

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I’ve been wearing a variety of them for 30 or so years, only at night. Top teeth. Lat night I was away over night and I had forgotten to take it. I missed it, it’s hard to fall asleep without it in.

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For decades, I’ve worn plastic mouth guards every night (they wear out, over time, and need replacing). The difference is amazing; no more headaches or jaw pain from clenching and grinding.

C., the device might feel odd the first few times you wear it. But, the change should be a very good thing for you.

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I’ve been wearing an (expensive) custom hard plastic one for a year. It greatly reduced wear and tear on my front teeth due to night grinding. My other teeth seem happier too.

But it was initially too tight. The dentist had to grind away at it for almost half an hour to make it fit better.

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