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If I go to the Louisville Colorado area in early October what shoud I see?

Asked by JLeslie (65481points) 1 month ago

My cousin is getting married in Colorado in a town between Denver and Boulder, and I am so excited to go! I have never been to Colorado, and I have not seen that part of my family in a long time.

I have lots of reward points with Bonvoy (Marriott) and I can take advantage of paying with points for 4 nights and get the 5th night free, but should I stay in the one spot and do day trips for sight seeing, or should I change hotels and maybe see more?

A few people said the traffic and driving is a pain in the neck near Denver and Boulder, and they think I should stay near the wedding venue the night before the wedding and the night of the wedding. The wedding is in Louisville. I also was thinking maybe I should arrive two days ahead in case we need some time for high altitude adjustment. Both my husband and I have never had a problem before, but it has been years since we have been high up, so who knows. I want to be able to dance at the wedding and I live very close to sea level.

I hear really good things about Breckenridge and Vail, but if I stay the whole time in the Broomfield area I won’t drive out there just for the day.

Very interested to hear your suggestions for what to do and what to see and if you have a Bonvoy hotel suggestion that would be great. I am considering the Renaissance Boulder Flatiron, Residence in Boulder Broomfield, open to other recommendations.


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Awww, I used to live in Broomfield, I loved it. We had friends in Estes Park we would spend the day with sometimes. We would camp and hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. Boulder had some interesting and charm8ng things to do and see. I’m sorry I can’t be more help, it was 1998 that we left.

The dryness of the air can be startling, especially if you’re used to humidity.

Have fun!

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Louisville itself is just a suburb, so nothing great to see there. However, there is a really great Italian place right in downtown Louisville – makes fabulous gnocchi (noodles) so if you have the time, go there. Sadly, I don’t remember its name.

As far as sightseeing – you can’t go wrong.

Don’t waste town on the Boulder Mall – it’s open air but it’s just retail.

Visit the Coors Brewery and take the tour in Golden.

Drive over to the Rocky Flats Wildlife area. They used to make nuclear weapons there but now there are hundreds of hundreds of acres of reclaimed forestland.

And take it easy the first day because you will be short of breath (and probably have a dull headache).

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I will be in Lafayette CO over Mothers Day, it is next door to Louisville. My stepdaughter’s in laws live in Louisville.

The back road to Boulder is not that busy. It takes a day to acclimate to the altitude if you aren’t used to it, but it’s only 5,430 ft altitude. You can go for a nice walk/hike at the Flat Iron Vista trail head, 3 mile loop pretty flat but great views.

And the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder is fun.

Vail or Breckenridge are all day morning into evening trips.

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And if you like music, check out Red Rocks amphitheater. Arguably the best outdoor concert venue in the US, I have seen some amazing shows there.

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If you do Rocky Mountain National Park, weather permitting, you can take the scenic Trail Ridge Road and drive all the way through the park and stop at vistas along the way. One stop offers a reasonably short footpath that will take you into the most accessible tundra habitat in North America.

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