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If you die, do have instructions for a loved one or friend to write about it on fluther?

Asked by JLeslie (65474points) 1 week ago

Many of us have been here a long time, and we care about each other. I know I would want to know if a jelly passed away. Sometimes jellies disappear and we don’t know what happened.

Have you left instructions for friends or family to write on fluther or other social media that you are gone? As a courtesy to your online friends.

If you have left instructions, are they written down somewhere or just oral instructions of your wishes?

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I am friends with several jellies on Facebook. It will be known.

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Like @filmfann, I am friends with a number of jellies in real life. I will tell them to inform the group of my death. This question is a good nudge to do that. Without specific instructions, they might not know what to do.

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I’m also on Facebook so it will become known to friends and the word will spread.

I said once on a thread about this very topic a few years ago that I think it’s for this reason that it may be helpful to give a trusted Jelly or two our contact information if we’re not friends with a bunch on social media. I often wonder about Jellies from the past who have disappeared, and if they’re ok and left for some other (personal) reason or if they died. I do know of some that died, like Gail, Adirondack, the Crow and a handful of others, but some who were actively engaged and then just disappeared, I always wonder if they’re alive and ok or deceased. Some who left Fluther but we’re friends on FB, or friends of friends, it’s comforting to know that they’re ok.

Even though we may argue sometimes (or a lot of the times), we’re a small group and we are a community.

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I’m thinking I will give my husband’s or sister’s name and phone number to a jelly friend. @jca2’s answer made me realize a jelly is more likely to follow through in a timely manner than a family member.

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Same as @filmfann. I give permission to those I’m friends with on Facebook and here to let the jellies know when I die.

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Same as @chyna. @JLeslie or @Dutchess_III will know. Ya’ll can add me anytime, I’m much nicer in RL than arguing/debating. :)

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Would you really care if this canuck kicked the bucket??

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I do not. There is a single jelly on my FB that would be able to find out though.

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I do not. My friends and family will know, and maybe I’ll get a little obit in the local paper, but I’m perfectly happy just disappearing from online spaces.

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No, but it’s part of a larger “When I Die” plan that’s on my To Do List. I’m hoping to put it together this Summer.

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For all you know I could be dead.
Well, before you read this answer, that is.

If I die (that’s a big if) Fluther wouldn’t hear about it.

So, anyone who has/had something nice to say, say it now.

I’ll wait ;-)

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I lurve you @rebbel!

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@rebbel I am jealous of your girlfriend. I’m sure you’re a good looking man. (Don’t die.)

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