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Where do you let your angst out?

Asked by jonsblond (43832points) 2 weeks ago from iPhone

Everyone gets a little angsty. Where do you let your angst out?

The gym?
Your family?
Your pillow?
Your coworkers?
Video games?
The internet? (I’m guilty here.)
Somewhere else?

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I listen to Starcraft , Finial Fantasy, and Chrono Trigger, music on YouTube.

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Weight room. Heavy bag.
Guitar. Meditation.

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I meditate and I play the banjo.

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The Internet and my art. I seem to realize I don’t feel as disturbed about my art as people looking in. I have people saying that my art is too intense when it just looks meh to me.

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I think my husband catches my release and expression of angst. I don’t take it out on him, but more he has to listen to me vent. Fluther jellies hear some of it too.

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Fight Club…

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A little? A lot actually.

When angst overwhelms, I read pages from my books. Lord of the Rings. Dracula. I recently got a copy of Frankenstein.

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I try to make time to go for a weekly massage. Place near me does great chair massages for $1/minute. 40-minutes and I’m a limp noodle of a human.

I used to go for acupuncture, but my new insurance doesn’t cover it, sadly.

I also go for drives, listen to music, hang around a museum.

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Me,a good book and my reading chair. Or talking to close friends.

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Hike in Nature
A few old movies that I can always watch.

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^Definitely, I feel SO relaxed, and at home, in nature.
Some of the most gator-ridden, snake infested, harsh swamps, are the most peaceful places I have ever been.

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Reading, sleeping, occasionally playing a video game.

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Sometimes I will rant for a while with my sister. But mostly, gardening or taking on a new project, or trying something different or playing games online, helps me decompress or watching an easy going romance drama. I try not to let things that I have no control over, bother me too much.

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It goes right out the front door.

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