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How can the Hypr company able to provide secure communication without passwords?

Asked by LostInParadise (31948points) 1 week ago

Check out this link to what they offer. There must be passwords that are somehow created without the user being aware. How might this be done?

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They explain it towards the bottom of the page. Looks like biometrics (fingerprint, for example, in the app) plays a large role.

Similar to what the new Passkey fad is doing.

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My understanding is that they’re using a passkey system. Much like logging onto your cell, you’ll be using scan your fingerprint or facial recognition.

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I use a pass key pattern, as double security for my debit cards.
I was having to get a new card, every time I ordered something online. Since the new pass key pattern, no issues.

I guess I’m saying, if you don’t trust a site, try to add steps to how you accept things. Something that would be really hard to replicate.

Truth be told, I am probably one of the worst people to ask about anything to do with computers.
Unless you are from a stone age culture, then I’m The Man.

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It is Multi Factor authentication that uses you Phone and an app to generate the security hash.
RSA tokens have done this for 20+ years.

You have your phone is one factor.
You log onto you phone is one factor.
You pair your authenticator app with your phone, pc. Another factor
You attempt to log in and code is requested. Another factor
You use this code and it only works for x minutes Another factor

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