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Jellies in areas hit by heavy weather over the Memorial Day weekend: are you okay?

Asked by Jeruba (55885points) 3 weeks ago

Come in please. Over.

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I’m good. A tornado was heading right towards my town, less than a half mile from my home. It turned and hit the next town over. No injuries, but lots of damage.
Thanks for asking this question.

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Well, it wasn’t Memorial Day, but last Wednesday (5/22) there was flash flooding here and 25–30 units out of 470 in my apartment complex were trashed, including one below me. People have lost everything and are displaced. They said they were swimming out of their apartments! Luckily I wasn’t affected other than parking due to the many workmen and the giant dumpsters.

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@smudges That’s awful. Thank goodness you’re ok and your material items were not affected either. People say things don’t matter, but having everything destroyed is devastating. Will you have to move?

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Thankfully, I won’t have to move. whew! 4 years ago in a different complex there was a fire in an apartment just one door away from me – had to move then. What’s next? Locusts??

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Apparently we almost got hit by a tornado but IDK. I was asleep.

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Last week we had four separate tornado warnings in one night. Luckily we only lost power for a few seconds and we only had small limbs in our yard from the trees. Others were not so lucky. Madison, WI had the largest power outage in over 50 years due to straight line winds. Over 42,000 customers lost power and dozens of streets were blocked due to fallen trees and power lines. The entire school district canceled school for the following day.

Since then we’ve received almost 5 inches of rain because it’s been raining heavily almost every day. Streams and rivers are beginning to flood as well as some farmland. :(

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^^ Glad to hear that you survived it!!!

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^Thank you!

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Its raining now. 12 pm and it looks like 8 pm. Dark.

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