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Is there a website where I can warn people about my psycho ex?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) March 3rd, 2008

Not to be malicious or anything. She is actually psychotic, and dangerous. I am about to get a restraining order, but I was wondering if there is a website where people can post their psycho ex’s as a warning to others. I think they have similar sites for people with herpes (I saw it on CSI so it probably has no merit.) again, I don’t want a site just to bash on my ex. But something legitimate to warn other people.

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If there is, its trash. Who knows? Maybe you are the psycho one. Its not fair to be predjudice because of your opinions of them.

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There are sites listing convicted sex offenders.
If it’s not that, I’d suggest you re-think your idea. I understand your idea, and how it could seem like a good thing to do. However, you’ll be keeping your connection to her, and her behavior, relevant and in existence by doing something like that. You could also open yourself up to legal action, and interfere with her getting clear so she can recover.

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@ djbuu:
I never claimed to be entirely free of any wrong doing. There are always two sides to a story. The details of my relationship are really of no concern to you; however I can assure you that I am not simply being vindictive in my search.

I am in fact, in the process of taking legal action.

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why don’t you start one. I would love to add a few…,umm lovely wakk jobs! No I’m kidding I would never do that. Fact is I think every relationship teaches us somthing about ourself that helps us grow. Why is ophra so dang popular when we got me?

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There’s one for girls to warn of their ex-boy.
I can only assume that if there is one for girls, there is one for boys. As for whether it is legitimate, or even moral, now that’s another question.

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The details of my relationship are really of no concern to you?

And you want to post it all over the internet?

If your ex’s next victim really cared what you thought, he wouldn’t need your posting. He could figure it out for himself who she is.

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I feel the need to stand up for shockvalue here and put in my two cents. I think he made it clear in the explanation of the question that he doesn’t want to bash on his ex or post it “all over the internet”…I think it sounds like (correct me if I’m wrong) he’s wondering if there’s any sort of site where he can let people know if someone’s bad news to date. I don’t think posting it on one site equates to “all over the internet.” The problem with such a site (and the reason, I suspect why one doesn’t exist that I know of), is that you would end up with a lot of people bitching, moaning, and complaining about relationships that may have just ended badly for normal reasons. Or, relationships that end badly because both parties are truly at fault and everyone’s pointing fingers.

To me, it seems like the difference is that shockvalue doesn’t want to just talk trash, he’s trying to help others avoid what he’s going through. This seems like a more serious issue than just, “That bitch cheated on me and I feel the need to retaliate via writing stuff about her all over the web.” He’s pursuing legal action, for god’s sakes! Shockvalue, I think your intentions are good, but unfortunately I don’t know if such a site exists, and as ironhiway suggests, others might just have to figure it out on their own. Sad, but true.

And @Djbuu: You say that shockvalue shouldn’t be prejudiced against someone just because of his opinions about them. Well, the dictionary says prejudice is “an adverse opinion or leaning formed without just grounds or before sufficient knowledge.” I’m assuming if shockvalue dated this person, he’s not acting on his unfounded opinions about someone, but rather things that have actually, factually, happened between them. I think if you date a person, you probably get to know them well enough to determine whether or not you really need a restraining order against them.

I know someone (not an ex, but a former roommate) who I would be tempted to post about on such a site if it existed because of serious relationship problems I witnessed from a 3rd party stance while we lived together. There are valid reasons to want to keep others away, but more often than not people just have to be cautious so they don’t end up in shockvalue’s position.

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I guess I came across poorly. One of my defects. My point was if she is so psychotic and dangerous, she will probably retaliate with comments of her own. Or she will sue you for the comments posted. Though you may be able to make a case you will have to spend your time doing so. As far as anyone looking up your ex on the internet before dating it’s unlikely. Though someone who would do a search would probably run a normal background check and they would find your restraining order and another event that leads you to label her as psychotic, and dangerous.

However here are a couple places that may suit your interest in protecting the brotherhood. , in personals rants and raves

Sorry if I came across as offensive. And good luck on your next pick.

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If I were you, I would think long and hard before putting anything about her in print. You may have good intentions, and want to warn others, but you could also set your self up for a lawsuit from her. If you do decide to go forward with this, make sure everything you say is truthful and you can prove it. I think your best bet is just to get your restraining order and move on with your life. If you put info about her on the net, and she truly is dangerous, you may wake a sleeping dragon. Good Luck to you.

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Hey all….interesting question….there seems to be lots of people with the same or related questions about warning people about an ex. There is a site where you can do this…

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Read the answer from scap. This is the best advice and the same I would have given scamp just beet me to it.

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I don’t think it is right to have a site like that, what if some one shoved me or you on there because they were psycho. I think strange people have a way of making it known they are strange all by themselves. Without the help of a site.

Already the net is so dangerous, putting information that is private and also names etc., just gives those people more information. I feel like leaving the net at times because of the dangers involved.

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yes there is a site that you can go to to warn others….lol. It’s called

I’ve used it. My ex boyfriend wasn’t exactly a psycho, but he was a dirtbag. I put him on blast on that website. Maybe then when he finds another good girlfriend, she’ll know what she’s dealing with.

As for your psycho girlfriend, definitely put her on that website, and if she’s REALLY crazy you should think about getting a restraining order. I know I would if I had a psycho ex.

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Yes!! I love You gotta warn other people in a real way – if you see sign of a sociopath or psycho… Please save the next person. :).

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