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Name a flavor that does NOT go well with pretzels?

Asked by Nevada83 (1003points) 5 days ago

Asked only for curiosity’s sake.

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Cheez wis. Also are you talking about soft or hard pretzels? I like soft pretzels with melted cheese and pizza sauce. I don’t like hard pretzels. I only like to suck the salt off.

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Hot chocolate !

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Alcohol. Or hard liquor.

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^Pretzels are a popular bar snack at pubs. The salt makes people want to drink more. It’s good for business.

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@jonsblond Oh ok. I haven’t been in a bar in years. I usually only go for the chicken wings.

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High dollar champagne like $70 a bottle.

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Anything that tastes awful to begin with. So if you hate limburger cheese, do try it with pretzels.

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Some of (Harry Potters), J.K. Rowlings, every flavor beans.

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I’ve had really good ice cream with pretzels and caramel. There’s Edy’s Salted Caramel Pretzel ice cream. I’ve also had some with pretzels, caramel and chocolate/fudge swirls.

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Everything goes well with pretzels. And mustard.

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Seriously, I would eat any of these things with pretzel, gladly, with the exception of bubblegum. Sardines is probably top right now, with a little mustard.

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Pretzels are fairly bland and wil go together with just about anything.

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I don’t think it would taste good to dip pretzels in ketchup.

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English muffins, corn muffins, or banana bread.

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The gist of it is if you like pretzels you’ll eat them with almost anything and if you don’t like them, they don’t go well with almost anything.

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Black licorice

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I’m with Smash. Everything sounds good to me—except bubblegum.

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