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What's a good trick for opening a stubborn jar of olives?

Asked by intro24 (1434points) September 25th, 2008

I can’t manage to get the lid off of an olive jar. Any tricks, tips, or ideas on how to get it open?

Besides smashing it.

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Run the lid under hot water for a few minutes. The heat will cause the lid to expand a bit, which will make it easier to remove. Another trick is to pry the lid slowly around the edges with a knife. The later is more dangerous, as you can cut yourself. Try the first option and see how that goes, then move on to the second.

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Bang the edge of the lid with a knife. Go around the whole lid.

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if you turn it upside-down and smack it on the counter, that usually works. just make sure it’s flat. works with any jar.

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I agree with trudacia that method seems to work the best. I used to work in a kitchen and we’d have lids that would be stuck shut all the time. A few good wacks arounds the lid with the back end of a knife work great.

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Put on rubberized garden gloves, that way you’ve got a great grip on both the lid and the jar.

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Hot water, definitely. Always works for me. Another one I recently discovered was, grab a really sharp knife, and stab the top. As soon as a little air comes in, the pressure’s gone, and you can very easily open it. Or you can just get a man. It makes them feel powerful too.

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Scream at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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This question reminds me of the time I superglued a lid to a jar of pickles, then presented it to “Biff” (the high school football hero) for opening.

He developed a hernia, trying to open it. Missed the next five games…

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Got it. The hot water didn’t seem to do much but using the knife worked perfectly. Thanks.

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Turn the jar upside down, and whack it on the bottom with the heel of your hand. Works every time. It breaks the seal.

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I really want some olives now…

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Black or green?

And now that I have mentioned that, would anyone please explain to me why black ones always come packaged in a can, and the green ones are always in glass jars?

Or do I need to pose that as a separate Q?

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@JackAdams I think it is because black olives are underestimated in this country. It also seems almost impossible to find olives with pits (as they come in nature) and not stuffed in a supermarket. Why??

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