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Does hummus go bad?

Asked by Fieryspoon (1058points) September 25th, 2008

I’m guessing yes.

Also, how long does it take, if yes?

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it can grow mold. ive found old hummus in the back of my fridge from a few months before, and it was green and brown. it could take less than that though. either way, the pita that goes along with it would go bad.

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Of course it does. In fact, garbanzo beans go bad pretty fast and get really sour.
A better question might be “can sour cream go sour?”

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Great, thanks :)

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was it ever good? yeeech

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was what ever good? hummus or sour cream?

hummus can go bad. i usually try to eat homemade hummus within a week. it’s not exact, but it’s a rule of thumb

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Rule of thumb:

If it aint honey, it goes bad.

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It is a perfect growing medium. I have tried it myself (not on purpose). Anything over a week is definitely iffy.

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I’d say a week and sometimes less if it’s homemade. Eat up!

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We keep Hummus in closed containers in our fridge for months and it’s fine…

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@ezra—that is before you open them though, right????

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@ezraglennn If that is opened hummus and you invite me over, remind me to stick to the feta cheese and kalamata olives.

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…maybe months was an exageration? weeks… and yeah, open. Im worried you all think im gross now.

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@eg Nah, I was pretty much kidding.

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