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How many copies has mariama ba sold?

Asked by roberta2 (1points) September 26th, 2008

her novel une si longue lettre (so long a letter) is supposed to have the most copies sold (including translations) of any senegalise author—what is the number? how does she place among African authors in general? How does she place about French authors?

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I found a study guide online that may answer some of your questions by googling the author. I hope this helps. Welcome to fluther! Is this a homework project for you?

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no—I am teaching the class, I have been in fact teaching this book almost since it came out—could it be 15 years already? :o) and if you google it, no reliable numbers come up. Normally I would go to my research librarian, but I figured I’d try Fluther to see what it is and how it works :o)

xoxox, A.

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