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You guys make me feel so insignificant. :( **tear* *?

Asked by krose1223 (3254points) September 27th, 2008

I keep going to all these profiles and people are like “yeah I speak 25 different languages and discovered North America.” Where are all the other average Joes? I’m wallowing here.

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I’d say you’re lazy. Fill out your profile and think deeply about it and you might just realize that you’re not an average Joe.

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Not a Joe, but I’m pretty average!! Welcome aboard!

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No one can “make you” feel anything – that’s your own doing.

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oh my, let’s not get to serious on this one

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Speaking 25 languages is over rated.

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You’re so right cheeb! Many here have been acused of not mastering one!!

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I’m full of typos today. too serious. apparently I haven’t mastered my language. jeeze I’m an idiot.

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when i read the profiles i don’t see too many people that sound incredible as far as their abilities go. we’re all just people with varied skills, hobbies and interests.

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I’m average…I think

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I’m average.

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If your question wasn’t serious, you should have let us know. If you are very young, you shouldn’t compare your skills or interest with older jellies. We have been around much longer and had a chance to learn languages (but not discover already discovered lands.) (too serious.)

I know a lot about a few things but had to start from scratch when a cat arrived in my life recently..The Flutherian feline lovers saved my hide. (Never mind “average,” or “below average:”

I was at the bottom of the Bell Curve. (Google that for new knowledge.)

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@gc “Start from scratch.” Good one!

@krose1223 You have the advantage of us, madame, since you have provided to us not information on yourself.

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krose1223 Is a very nice person, and is having trouble getting the profile information to save.

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That gets 5 lurve points. Cause I’m not feelin the lurve on this one. I guess I should leave my job early, go home to get on a computer that will save my profile. Hopefully no one shits a brick until then.

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@krose1223 I’m below average in some ways and above in others, but I think we are all perfectly just as fucked up as the next.

Well I mean I do kinda have that whole discovering america thing on my belt…..

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Anybody can lie on their profile :-) I just discovered the secret to cold fusion this morning while eating cereal….

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@googly; Sorry; I got there first.. How about checking for Higgs bosons under the Cheerios?

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The older you get, the more you find out that you have a lot more to learn. Seems that I learn something new every day- but now I have to carry a little notebook so I can remember that I learned it. :)

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@greylady, now where did I put that notebook?

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I have failed to live up to my potential. Does that make you feel better? :)

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LOL, chyna. That’s it, exactly!

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Massive under-acheiver, here.

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What’s wrong with average Joes?

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