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How did you react to the debate last night?

Asked by gailcalled (54644points) September 27th, 2008

Do you think it and the ones to come serve a useful purpose? How?

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They serve the purpose of furthering the illusion that the American people are being given a choice. Or, in the case of some people, making it clear that we’re not really being given one. Seriously; the candidates aren’t that dissimilar. But the debates are supposed to further the illusion that there actually is a difference.

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The debates are only going to make the difference to that narrow margin of people who are undecided. After listening to multiple news sources last night, it was apparently a “draw”. No major gaffs, no election swaying sighs or glancing at the watch.

38 days until election day. I am in a battleground state. I am already tired of listening to both sides. Ugh.

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Hopefully it showed people what a condescending prick McCain is. He wouldn’t even look at Obama. Gives you an idea of his management style.

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i agree with everyone else. Mc Cain acted like a prick. I’m so sick of hearing about it…wish the election was next week.

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After I re-played it on the Internet, I went into the bathroom and stared at deaddolly’s avatar, to make myself puke.

Just kidding!

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jack, jack, jack jack….wish i could stay to play, but gotta go get some ink carved into my flesh…..Go watch your mman boobs bounce for awhile.
Careful, not to knock yourself out!

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There were 6 spelling errors in the previous message.

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head is spinning from that imagery

…easy does it you two ;)

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Party pooper…

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I feel bad for Obama…he is going to be blamed for the next depression when he becomes president.Its all part of the plan..

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Apparently, (and I can’t find the quote, but it seems to be common knowledge), when Bush was asked how the gov’t is planning to pay for the $700 billion bail-out, he said that the next Pres. and Congress get to address that issue.

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He’s also said that he thinks it will eventually pay for itself… just like he said about Iraq.

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I dream of Genie, I guess. I wish I knew how to do the same double-entry bookkeeping with my income and outgo.

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