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Will Sarah Palin make it to the debate on Thursday?

Asked by PupnTaco (13860points) September 27th, 2008 from iPhone

Olberman speculated last night that she’ll drop out by October 1. I think she’s alternating between cram sessions with McCain staffers and hiding under her desk in the fetal position. I think she has a big enough ego combined with a stunning lack of self-awareness to think she can take on Joe Biden.

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I hope she doesn’t make it to Wednesday!

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How I hope that Olberman is right. However, he is not exactly your middle-of-the-road commentator. David Brooks, whom I am normally not a fan of, is dancing on hot coals to write his usual neo-con column. The last one, about McCain, didn’t even mention Palin and was a stretch to say nice things about the McCain of today rather than the admirable POW of many years ago.

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If she makes it that will be the greatest comedy every played on TV. Shez as dumb as it can possibly get. They don’t come dumber than her. Can’t believe she has so many supporters. Can’t say much about their brains or level of thinking though.

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I would not count Sarah Palin out. Yes, she is not knowledgable. She is, however, pretty quick on her feet with pithy sound bites.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is known for making verbal gaffes, for being long-winded, adn sometimes for being verbally impenetrable. I have some real concerns about that. Have you seen his double gaffe this weeek?

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She sure is becoming a household turd word…

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@ Marina – well, I’m sure that if FDR was president and if TV was prevalent at the time, he would have done exactly as Biden suggested :)

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@fireside Sure he would. Why mess with that weasel Paul Winchell if he didn’t have to?

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@Marina – I had to go look up Paul Winchell and he seems like an all right guy to me.

I’m betting you meant Walter Winchell : )

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@fireside You are soooooooooo right. My excuse? I wasn’t born then. :) Thanks for the correction.

BTW, are you named for the chat of the same name?

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@ Marina – lol, i wasn’t born either : )

No, I’m named after something close: Fireside Discussions

I’m still working on my site, long way to go…

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@fireside Your site is nicely designed.

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@ Marina
Thanks, I did everything up there so far myself…wish i could program too

Talked to Ben and Andrew about integrating a Fluther-like feature into the site down the road too.
This is a great format for my site’s needs.

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I would love to have seen Paul Winchell interview a president.

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I really, really hope she makes it, actually. She is going to get pwned. She can barely get herself through an interview; after a 90 minute debate, I doubt that anyone will take her seriously. Except, you know, people who live in my state.

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