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Wow! did she just crash and burn or faked it?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7810points) September 11th, 2008

sarah palin just interviewed on the ABC network with charlie gibson. gotta give it to chuck—he grilled the moose %^&$ out of the queen of the alaskan frontier. i noticed light years of pauses in her responses. and she kept saying “charlie” while searching for thought. she knew she was under the media gun. is she ready to be VP or even president?

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Damn I missed the interview. I heard she got to be interviewed back home in alaska per her terms. Talk about “celebrity”.

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I thought I had heard the interview was going to be primetime. I hope so! Maybe that was just a slice of it to “tease” people into watching.

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It hasn’t been on here in Alaska yet. I’ll try to remember to catch it or look for it on the web. I’m sure it’ll be dissected to death somewhere. Ha

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@Bri L: see it tonight on nightline

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@autumn34: watch your major network. it’s 6:01 CST where i am, so it’s streaming to you eventually.

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@ Charlie – Thanks!
@ Tundra – I look forward to hearing your local take on it. I am still fighting to be open.
@ autumn – nice bunny :-)

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The clip I saw Gibson was asking super soft ball personality questions.
Were there any policy questions? Links?

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There’s a partial transcript where it deals with security and such. I found the link it via Drudge, go figure. I’m not going to comment, however, until I get a chance to hear as well as read this bit of the whole. She does say “Charlie” allot, tho’. Ha

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And you know she will have an earpiece during the debate, just like dufus did in 2004…..Does anyone else get the feel that this whole election process is a sham?

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtin folks…...

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@allengreen: yeah, softball is a good way to describe it. if i interview you with soft pitches and you cant hit the ball, league ball will be all strikes against you. you feeling me?

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Here are transcripts and analysis of her remarks about invading Russia—she is a war mongering Neo Con!

Let’s have war with Russia! Yippee!

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Has it hit youtube yet? I really want to SEE her.

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Try ABC Video, don’t have the link….I say it there…..or try HuffPO

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@mygolden: just saw the link video. very awkward. my God, i hope the American people can see through her and vote on research and homework and not just good looks.

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Based on what I’ve seen so far, I’m not impressed. I’ve heard Sarah Palin speak many times and she isn’t the recitation machine that we heard here. She wasn’t answering questions, she was repeating sound bites she’d obviously practiced. She does talk with her hands, that wasn’t odd, tho’ seemed overdone, probably nerves, but she doesn’t speak like that in the real world.

Bottom line, she was obviously in over her head. Gibson even seemed to give her a couple chances to back up and clarify things a couple times in the transcript I read and the few clips we’ve seen. It seemed to be a case of divert rather than answer and as much as I criticized Gibson elsewhere, figuring he’d allow himself to be diverted, he did a good job of asking tough questions, questions any candidate should be able to answer.

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After that interview, I’d rather have Charlie Gibson nominated as a running mate.

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Wow, that was amazing. Part of the problem is that McCain “won’t blink”, and now she’s deluded enough to think she’s a great pick. I lost count of how many times she tried to obviously divert the discussion. Kudos to Gibson.

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I agree with Gail. Charlie seemed so learned compared to Palin. She seemed extremely tense, like she wasn’t breathing enough. Gibson did a nice job and I think the interview accomplished what it needed to.

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I’m so disgusted with the Republican campaign at this point – I can’t even watch her. In the small clip from one of the links and the few things I’ve read she is totally unprepared to be VEEP. And I thought Gibson did ask some appropriately hard questions. It all reminds me of the film “Wag the Dog” that came out about 10 or 15 years ago. If it weren’t so tragic, it would be a laugh.

Any honor that McCain once had is totally gone now, I feel. Let’s hope Obama can keep his cool, while not taking all the crap they are dishing out. It’s a hard row to hoe.

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@janbb – I told my husband last night that if McCain and Palin win, I am gonna block all the news channels for the next 4 years. I already can’t watch her – I am scared!

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I watched that last night with my boyfriend. We were both amazed. We watched it on YouTube and I had to stop the video various times to digest what I’d just seen and comment. Seriously, her dodges weren’t even artful (“Wait, what was the question she’s answering and how on EARTH is that even remotely related”), her answers were awful, she was totally blindsided by the Bush Doctrine thing—like, she clearly had NO IDEA what it was, and I was so glad to know that we could see Russia from Alaska. He was definitely going easy on her and she was still fumbling. A-mazing. If people still vote for McCain after seeing that…

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I have been to Nome, Alaska and remember looking across the sea to Russia. Neither my husband nor I remember actually seeing Russia. I just researched how far Russia is from Alaska and here are two tidbits I found…

Little Diomede Island off the west coast of Alaska is only 2.5 miles from Russia’s Big Diomede Island.

Nome is less than 200 miles from Russia, across the Bering Straight.

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She looked like a deer in the headlights. That is very scary.

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Well, let’s see what happens in the VP debate. Unless she’s a very quick study, she should still be like this when side by side with Biden. At this point, a lot more people will see it. Still, Republicans seem pretty staunch in their love for her, and may see it as the big bad news guy unchivalrously beating up that nice woman.

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I am worried that image will carry over into the debates. They will continue and try to strengthen the false claims that she is being unfairly targeted.

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