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How can I get rid of the raccoon family that woke me up at 5 this morning?

Asked by almag (1points) September 27th, 2008

several racoons, including smallish ones, were making noise outside my window, kind of squeaky grunty noises, and I couldn’t get back to sleep!

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It’s against the law in a lot of states to kill racoons, so you will have to trap them in a non-maiming trap and release them miles away or call the animal control people in your community.

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I’d vote for contacting Animal Control.

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I was going to suggest a shotgun, but if chyna is correct then that is out of the window.

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From my own experience with some racoons that loved the grapes in my backyard…beebees and a slingshot. Repeat a couple of times….

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Critter Catchers and other companies like that will trap and relocate them for you (for a fee). Be sure to check your local regulations before you trap them yourself – some counties have ordinances against it. And if you do trap them yourself, take great care. Raccoons are a rabies carrier. If rabies is a concern in your area (as it is here in North Carolina), animal control is required to euthanize and test if there is any interaction with humans.

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Why would anyone want to “get rid” of something as cute as this?

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@Jack Awww…

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Bring ‘em over here.
Were already feeding Deer and Opossum along with Raccoons
What’s a couple more…..

P.S. They (Raccoons) LOVE marshmallows…...

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You could also try coyote urine (I’m just linking this to show you I’m not nuts, I’m not recommending you purchase from here, because I’m not familiar with the company). I know folks that this has worked for.

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