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"Sub Question" of and inspired by Marina's question about the pros and cons of new technologies in our lives.

Asked by poofandmook (17272points) September 27th, 2008

Some answers in this question mentioned that being accessible 24/7 is a definite con of all this new technology. While it’s true, you’re not really accessible if you don’t want to be. One doesn’t have to check email or keep the cell phone on all the time. So do you feel that the technology makes you accessible, or is it really that the technology forces you to feel obligated to be accessible?

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I guess I feel obligated. Since I have 3 children, 14 and under, I don’t feel like I can ever turn off my phone.

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As Trudacia knows, I’m horrible about returning emails and phone calls. I feel bad about it though.

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I usually leave my phone at home when I go out. And if I have it on me it’s usually off, but I do turn it on a few time a day to see if anyone called or left me a message. I don’t really use AIM or any kind of instant messaging, but anyone can always send me an email, and I usually respond within a few hours. I make myself available, just not always in real time. I don’t feel guilty about it at all.

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@pete: Can I ask why you wouldn’t take the phone with you but leave it off? In case of, say, a driving accident?

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I’m only as accessible as I choose to be – My phone spends a lot of time tucked away in my bag and chat is only running on my mac when I’m prepared to receive and respond to chats (i.e. mostly while working).

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@poof: It isn’t deliberate so much as just not thinking about it, and not wanting to have something else to carry. I generally don’t have anything with me if I can help it.

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I have drawn the line as to when I will answer and when I won’t answer. We also have a family rule about meal time and when, at night, we’re done. We just don’t answer the phone (unless it’s my parents). If I’m working on a project for a client, even they know when I am able to be reached – and they are clear about times that I am not able to be reached. I am very fast to respond, when I’m on and have never had issues.

When my children aren’t with me, my mobile stays on 24/7 – for emergencies.

I think, at first, when I got my phone – starting doing most of my work via telecommuting, I felt I had to be on 24/7. Funny, after several years…that feeling has passed! :)

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I’m on call all of the time for my job. I tell them not to worry about calling, if it’s not a good time, I won’t answer.

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@ syz ditto for me.

If I get annoyed, I turn things off. Ilove the ability to reach who I need to, when I need too.
With that being said…drivers – pull over and talk!

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I have found that I value being inaccessible more and more as accessibility increases. I screen my calls unless caller id shows it to be someone I want to talk to. I turn off or unplug the phone at times I do not want to receive calls.

I used to hate those ads of someone on a beach receiving a fax.

I hate that when I am with my nephews they spend much of the time texting their girlfriends.

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I think I’m supposed to be.
But I don’t like to be.

Plus I’m just generally absent-minded
about charging my phone or remembering where I put it.

Makes for a lot of pissy friends. sigh

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