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Ladies; do you fear naked leaving the house w/o make up?

Asked by deaddolly (3406points) September 28th, 2008

I do. I love make-up, but I do have days when I want to be free. Then I avoid mirrors. What brands do you use? Do you think it’s all the same or do you buy the best?

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I take really good care of my skin so I don’t “need” makeup. Most days I wear just mascara and lip gloss.

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I almost never wear make-up. I don’t wear it to school, to work, or anywhere else for that matter. I guess I am just too lazy to put it on very often. I will wear make-up for special occasions. I recently got all of my hair cut off so I don’t have to bother with a comb, or straightener, or blow dryer, it is just easier that way for a lazy gal like me. On the upside, no one is used to seeing me with make-up so they don’t even notice I’m not wearing any.

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I used to wear it to work every day, but it sort of clashed with my sweats and adidas sandals. So I stopped bothering. Now when I put it on, I wonder why I don’t do it every day.

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Not even remotely. I very rarely wear makeup. In the past year I’ve done it once. And that was for Valentine’s Day for my boyfriend. (Who says, “Tell them, tell them I think you look sexy without it.”)

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No. I have left the house w/out makeup. I wear it only as I am so extremely pale…..

I use a minimal amount of makeup. I have since HS. I use just a pressed powder and a powder blush. The pressed powder just to cover the veins you can see faintly in my eyelids…the blush just to give me a little color. Clinique. I continue to use it, even though it is ridiculously expensive… I have to buy it once ever 12–18 months as I use so little of it….

Funny enough, when I have forgotten to put it on and mention it to someone they always so….“oh. I can’t tell any difference….” LOL

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Not really. Unless I’m going out, I don’t wear make-up on weekends and holidays/vacation. If I leave the house on my days off, I’ll often wear sunglasses instead of eye make-up…

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No, but I do feel like a clown when I leave the house in makeup… ;)

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I almost never leave the house without mascara and lip gloss. Although sometimes it’s a nude colored lip gloss or lip balm and just a quick curl and swipe of mascara. I do feel naked without it.

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I won’t let anyone see me without makeup just my family is privileged enough to see my real face haha

As for makeup, I would suggest not using anything from local drug stores or convienient stores. Go to the mall and get makeup there. Yes it costs a bit more, but your skin is more safer that way.

The only thing I wouldn’t go crazy for is eyeliner. You can buy that anywhere, it’s a plain black pencil, you shouldn’t have to spend upto $50 for it

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I used to wear it everyday. Once a long time ago when I worked. Then I became a homeschool mom. That threw the makeup out the window. LOL!

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oops….should be FEEL Naked. Sorry for the typo.

I have never met a person who didn’t look better with a little make up, if only to even out skin tones. If you apply it correctly, you won’t look like a clown.
I agree, I buy products from malls, and sometimes online. There’s a FANTASTC line called ‘origins’ that’s totally organic. Best moisturerizer I ever used. And one of the few liquid make ups that match my skin tone.
I do buy inexpensive mascara. Liner, I’m fussy about; I like soft pencils. Believe it or not, Avon has great pencils.

I don’t wear eye shadow anymore unless I’m going to a club. I don’t feel my best without make up…I don’t wear it on days at home tho.

And I hate those days at home, w/o make up, when you just run to the store for 1 thing and run into ppl you haven’t seen for ages. It never fails!

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I wear a little blusher at night if I’m socializing. It has always seemed so odd to me that when hanging around with one’s family, one usually is clean-scrubbed. But there is a need to put on a disguise or camouflage when facing the world. Women use make-up when they want to attract a SO, I think (at least that was my pattern when I was young). Then you scrub it all off and go to bed, with your SO.

However, I had an aunt who lived well into her 80’s. She wore make-up to bed and got up early to refresh it. Her husband never saw her au naturel. It sounded exhausting to me.

And I have to disagree with in rural America, the scrubbed look is the thing. The young look beautiful as is; the older women look made-up.

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@gailcalled Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I prefer a little make up.

I only take my make up off at night because I want my pores to breathe and
get moisturized. Don’t care who’s next to me!

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True; it is a choice for all of us. My mother still has Max Factor theatrical make-up from her stint in the movies in 1932–33. One of my sis’s and my strongest memories (not good either) was sitting on her bed and watching her take an hour to apply the stuff. There is probably still some mascara with the teeny brush sitting in her bdrm. I always thought she looked much more beautiful when she emerged from the shower.

Good bones, skin, perfect teeth and symmetrical features defined her.

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But, it’s the way it makes YOU feel about yourself, that’s also important.

If I walk past the mirror w/o make up—I scare myself!

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oh gosh, I wish I didn’t have to wear makeup!
but with acne, I feel like I have to. My skin is just quite depressing.
As far as eyeliner and mascara go, I don’t usually wear them, maybe once a week.

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I rarely wear makeup or jewelry. Every once in a while, I feel like spiffing up a little so I curl my lashes, put on 2 coats of mascara, and wear earrings. Since I have blonde lashes, it is amazing how much of a difference a little mascara makes. For a special occassion, I will go all out. I definitely look better with makeup, I just don’t care most of the time…too lazy, I guess!

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@augustian Exactly!

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@General; at some point, when you have reached your full growth and maturity, find a good dermatologist. He may well be able to use dermabrasion to even things out.

@A: I used the curling gadgets when I was young. Either my eyelashes looked like this;
L, or I yanked them out.

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No i don’t feel naked if i leave the house without makeup. In fact, since I rarely wear it, I feel stranger and “made up” when I do have it on. It has to be a really special occasion for me to bother with putting all those pigments on my skin. I agree that it does indeed even the skin tone, but I prefer the natural look nevertheless. Also, when you meet people who always have make up on, they look strange without it. Likewise, if you meet someone like me, and then one day I put on make up, you would wonder why the hell did I bother.

The only makeup that I use every now and then is concealer. And that’s only after all nighters when I don’t want to look like a raccoon while giving a presentation about my research or whatever. Oh and also, I have really sensitive skin. It stays acne free and clear most of the time, but as soon as you apply some make up (and i don’t mean drug store makeup…i am talking about products such as Lancome), my skin gets irritated and starts breaking out.

edit – all the lash talk reminded me, i don’t ever wear mascara because i have naturally long eyelashes. (makes looking through a microscope really annoying)

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@Gail: Yes, curling lashes is a tricky business! With practice, I’ve finally got it down.

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@A: Luckily I have dark lashes and eyebrows. If I had kept on using the curler, I would be lashless. (I lost them (and brows) during chemo and am really grateful that they grew back.)

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@PnL Ick yes RE the microscope. I have really long eyelashes too. Parts of eye exam are annoying as well for the same reason.

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My daughter has double-fringed eyelashes and has to pluck the ones nearest the nose because they curl back and get infected. (They also bump into eyeglasses. I should have such a problem :>)

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I love long lashes! they look so beautiful!

Anyone ever shave off their eyebrows? I did once for shock appeal. I looked like an alien. And they grew back like wild grass…

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Not deliberately. I turned on a gas-fed broiler (back in the dark ages at my mother’s house) and then lit the match. A sheet of flame singed off my brows, lashes and a little of my hair. I used eyebrow pencil and false eyelashes until they (thankfully) grew back. It was in a different era, of course. And as I said above, if you receive chemo, it is an unwelcome side effect. But people with cancer are more worried about living.

(And I find that when I pluck the unruly suckers, they always grow back.)

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I do not use make-up AT ALL! only the day of my wedding.. LOL, so, no.

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@2late2be And why on that day and no other?

@gailcalled..yes, some of mine grow straight up. Bizarre. And, yes,chemo
really makes person accept things and appreciate things for what or who they are. Sad that for some, that’s what it takes.

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I rarely wear make-up, so no. But I do wear it, mostly when I’m going out, or I just feel like dressing up. I hate spending the time, and I hate having to wash it off at night. I guess I’m just lazy.

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Try using those Dove facial cloths. Really easy and gets the make off AND doesn’t dry out your skin. I only use those. Best eye make up remover is the lotion stuff by Avon. Not greasy and it all comes off…you can even reapply right after, if you have too.

I get lazy too. But I still would rather look my best. And I need make up for that! My skin is very fair w/ pinkish tones. Very uneven tones.

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No, only wear it to weddings, etc. However, I do feel naked if I leave the house without clothes on!

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Everyone I have ever dated has told me I am beautiful without make-up. They were of course all insane. :)

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Nope. I never wear makeup. I hate it. It makes me feel like I’m wearing a mask and it doesn’t feel like me at all. My idea of makeup is using lip gloss or a shiny lip balm.

I’m lucky, though, in that I really don’t need to anyway. I have good skin, rosy cheeks, thick/long eyelashes, and my lips are a good color. Certain types of uncolored lip stuff make it looks like I’m wearing something tinted (people who know me are like, “Are you wearing lipstick??” and I pshaw them). The most makeup I’d ever wear is tinted lip gloss.

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When I was a teenager I did, and up until I was 24….and then

No, if and when I do use it, I use very little. I use to pack the stuff on (you should see some pics of me, something out of a horror show) and my skin paid the price for it too…(acne). After being on accutane for 9 months in my 20’s, my face was flawless, so I decided to keep it that way. One thing I won’t go out without… is SUNSCREEN! I feel like something is wrong if I don’t have sunscreen or sunblock on. I have been using it daily for the last 15 years. Now that feels naked to me, even if I go to the mail box and back without it! I do use just a bit, if I am going to a special function like a portrait setting, black tie affair, etc.,

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no. Make up really isn’t a necessity. I do it all the time. Unless I want to get dressed up or for like an important photo I really don’t care

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The only thing I put on is some SPF.
I don’t even brush or blowdry my hair.

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What is SPF?

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Aha.. Thanks.

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Once I had a lady cut my hair, and she was totally impressed by how undamaged and wonderful it was. “What’s your secret?” she asked.

“Don’t blowdry your hair for three or four years,” I said.

“Oh. Never mind.”


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@Laureth and Nimis: I don’t blow dry or use styling tools on my hair either, and I frequently get compliments.

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i used to use all sorts of products when i was younger. I faded it all out and now hate products in my hair. Never liked the ‘feel’ tho, I would wash my hair as soon as I came home—whatever time it was.

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Laur & Hear: Haha…same here.
What’s my secret? Laziness!

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I found that generally, in the last two years, I only wore it to make myself look a little more healthy – it made others more comfortable. After so long, cancer made me look like the walking dead – so, I slapped on some bare esscentuals (sp?)/bare minerals and made myself look a little more healthy.

I’m lucky, I have good genes – my mother at 67 is beautiful – her skin is flawless. I have those gene, but I don’t think my skin is as good as her skin. Don’t get me wrong, I take care of my skin, but seriously, she’s beautiful! I tend to go without makeup – more than wear it.

A simple moisturizer – not a fancy one, some lip gloss and possibly a little mascara, my usual. (mascara almost a must – especially right now…very few eye lashes…boy chemo REALLY sucks!)

I stick to mainly mineral makeups – I like light moisturizer and wear lip gloss more than lipstick. I used to spend big bucks on cosmetics, but over the years, I’ve learned that some are just the name…that’s all, they aren’t any better than the drugstore version; however, there are some name brands I won’t part with!

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cak; eyelashes will grow back if and when you can get off the chemo. I just went around looking like a hard-boiled egg in a babushka. Hope you are feeling better. Love to you.

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I actually think it’s a rather funny look! I really do it more for the comfort of others. I think it still scares my son – at times. He’s 5. We weren’t expecting to do this last round, especially after the Bone Marrow Transplants, but hey – if this is it – then I can live through it! I don’t bother trying to pencil or brush on eyebrows,. One is always higher than the other and longer…I look confused! ;)

Thanks, Gail – you always make me smile!

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it’s amazing how not having eyebrows changes your appearance. i ued to pencil mine on as well (after i shaved them off) and never, ever got them even.
@cak/gailcalled whenever i see a woman in a babuska and no eyebrows, I think of what she must be going thru and how brave she is. Keep up the fight!

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I do not wear makeup on a daily basis. I usually keep a lipgloss in my backpack in case I feel like fixing myself up just a little during the day.

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Yes . whether i need it or not.i have to put it on

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When I was a teenager, I wore a lot more make up than I do now, in my mid-twenties…and I think that’s an improvement, for sure…I just don’t let that kind of stuff affect me any more and if I do wear make up these days, it’s for fun evenings…next week, for example, I’m going to NYU’s GenderBender Ball and I will probably put fake eyelashes and loads of glitter everywhere…but this is more of performance make up as I used to dance when I was younger and it’s not ‘every day’ make up

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I had bad acne when I was a teenager so there’s alot of scarring. However, I still go out without make-up more often than not. I wear it to special occasions, going out with my hubby/family, and to church on Sundays. Make-up feels heavy on my face so it’s kinda uncomfortable for me to wear. My daughter doesn’t wear make-up either!

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I’m a huge make up whore, once I get around to RE-DOING MY PROFILE (thanks character limit?) you’ll see makeup in there somewhere. It’s not even because of my skin, I do apply a loose powder and concealer, but that’s just for shine concerns. I mostly play up the eyes, I wear top and bottom eyeliner and mascara, at the very least. I usually like to use eyeshadow; I’ve gotten pretty good at the technique. I think I look tired and washed out without eye makeup. I simply think I look far, far better with it on, so I feel really insecure if I’m not wearing any. I don’t really ever go out “au natural” ...I don’t think I have the kind of face that can pull it off. Some people can, and they look fine.

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Honestly, I’m not “afriad” anymore. I used to feel naked, as if I was missing a big chunk of me. I’m glad I got over it. I’ll still usually apply some mascara and lipstick/gloss, but that’s a huge change from the globs of eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, and whatnot I used to have to chisel off by the end of the night.

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I only wear make-up if I’m acting, going on a job interview (and very little in that circumstance) or going to some special event like a wedding or fancy dinner. In my day-to-day life I don’t wear any makeup. It’s a bother.

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Yes! I feel very naked. Sometimes I will come home after school on days when I’m not wearing makeup and I realize how bad I looked all day. That keeps me motivated to wake up that extra 15 minutes to do my makeup.

The brands that I like to use are MAC mostly for eyeshadows, blushes, and concealer (studio finish concealer is the best!), Dior for my translucent powder, Clinique for moisturizer and tinted powder, and I really like Rimmel London’s mascaras. Right now I am currently using the Diorshow Extase mascara though.

I like the best. I buy the department store brands like MAC, Chanel, Dior, and Clinique. There are some things that I always buy from drugstores like my mascaras and pencil eyeliners. (I get liquid and gel ones from MAC)

Friends always tell me they can’t believe I spend $15 on an eyeshadow, or $45 on a blush. But I love makeup and it is what I like to collect. Makeup is like art for me, so I don’t mind spending lots of cash on good quality makeup.

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Oh, I forgot to mention brands!

MAC lipstick (Satin), Face blush (Honey), Bare Minerals foundation powder (Medium Tan), Rimmel mascara and eyeliner pencil (doesn’t smudge) and Maybelline eyeshadow (which is something I don’t wear too often, anyway)

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I feel so bad when I’m not wearing make up, but I got to be honest I’d love to have perfect, clear skin, and get my 8 hours of sleep daily so i wouldn’t have dark circles under my eyes, that way i didn’ have to wear make up

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I’ve worn makeup since I was a teenager. It’s a habit. First I put on corrector (dab on a beige cream on capillaries, etc), then a very light brush of powdered tanner followed by one of those checkered blush compacts on cheeks and nose. I used to wear base but it started looking cakey so I stopped. Never could get the right color anyway.

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I put on a glowing SPF in the morning and use some eyeliner and a little concealer for my redness around my nose but that’s about it unless it’s a special occasion. Without those two things I have had many people ask me if I am ill! Becase of my ethnicity I have dark circles around my eyes haha but I don’t feel naked.

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