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IPhone: what excatly are people wanting to Copy & Paste?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) September 28th, 2008 from iPhone

people are always saying how they want copy and paste. What do you want to copy & paste? Texts? Can’t you just capture the screen shot and email it? Pictures? You can already have them too.

Someone please enlighten me.

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URL’s is what I’d like most to copy. Also, if i want to copy text from someone else’s answer, it takes forever. Copy and Paste during web browsing would be the most useful.

The other place where copy and paste is necessary is email. If I want to quote someone else, or provide some information from a webpage, it takes forever. In the notes and SMS i don’t see as much of a need.

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As Eambos has stated, copy/paste of URLs, to/from email and browser. Also, clipboard function for transferring other text-based info (contacts, for example) to and from Mail, Safari, and SMS.

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Its because most of peoples excuses to hate the iPhone are gone so this is one of the last things they have to trash talk about. I’m busy. I don’t really find a use for copy and paste. Sure copy and paste would be nice but it would also be nice if my iPhone could make coffee.

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URLs, because I blag.

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urls maybe. text from text messages, and maybe other things off of websites to put into the notes.

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In over a year of solid use, consisting of multiple hours per say, I can tell you that I’ve wished there was copy/paste exactly 2 times. Clearly, it is not as essential as some iPhone haters make it appear. Considering the many improvements that the iPhone helps save my time and frustration every day, those two minor incidents are completely insignificant.

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@willbrawn It’s another option just in case. If there is a problem with the highway or the road you have the option of taking the one without the problem at the time. There is nothing negative about having options. For example:

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