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What is a simple hair growth remedy?

Asked by dolly65 (5points) September 30th, 2008

I need a fast remedy for hair growth

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If there was a simple remedy, there would be lot fewer bald guys around.

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You are so right.

The above applies especially to actor/writer/director Carl Reiner, who once told an interviewer, “If there was something ‘out there’ that really worked, would I now be sitting before you, bald?”

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The only fast remedies are toupées, or hair plugs. Rogaine and Propecia are slow remedies, and they do work, for some people, over time.

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BTW, is $350 to much toupée for a hairpiece?

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Jack, the moderators dictate that I stay on topic, to avoid being locked out.
You know how much I DREAD LOCKS.

So, to answer the question, yeah, a rug seems to be the quickest solution.

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good one, Jack!

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