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On the show Survivor, why do the women never show hair growth?

Asked by mrjadkins (1256points) December 7th, 2008

They are on an island and yet they never have leg or armpit hair showing. The men grow full beards but the women never show hair growth.

A friend of mine and I were discussing this and she told me about this phenomenon but I did not have an answer. I thought maybe the Fluther group would know.

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I saw armpit hair on Sugar last week.

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that is a really good question that would be very interseting to know. maybe they use sharp rocks? hmmm… it really makes you thing. good question mrjadkins.

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I’m certain that I saw a five o’clock shadow on Susie’s face.

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I wonder too if the producers give team prizes of food some contests and toiletries on ones to help keep them as sanitary and “good for televison” as possible. “Sex sells,” as they say and they want to keep the pretty ones looking pretty on air. Susie said in the Thanksgiving episode that she wanted a razor as her one item to bring so she could keep her moustache away.

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I would think they have razors and shave.

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I don’t watch the show but on one commercial a girl was bragging about being ‘natural’ and another was dissing her for it. In some ancient cultures they used stone scrapers on male hairiness. Wouldn’t some women of certain ethnicities look like they were wearing angora stockings after a month without hirsute aids?

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Razors (or nair-ish goop), I am sure, are one of the personal items that they can bring with them.

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Here is the answer

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Thanks Snoopy!

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Laser, gotta consider that.

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@Judi. I agree. I wonder how long it takes (and how much it costs !) to do it….

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Last season the girls were showing of their one inch pit hair.

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Maybe all the women waxed before going out there, if they did the wax job usually last about 3–5 weeks Iam told, and that is way longer than the time the actual contest is happening.

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