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Thoughts on McCain urging the President to veto a bill McCain just voted for?

Asked by EmpressPixie (14750points) October 2nd, 2008

I’m having a lot of trouble working this well, but basically: the bailout has a lot of “sweeteners” but McCain voted for it anyway. Then he went on TV and called on the President to veto it no matter the consequences because of the “sweeteners”.

Actual reporting here:

This close to the election, doesn’t is seem a bit… ill advised to vote on it one second then tell the President to veto it the next? Can some one give me the politics behind this move?

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McCain is careening around like a desperate man, He has dropped in the polls.

I don’t think people appreciated his “suspend my campaign” ploy. Then he did not go to Washington right away as was made clear. Then he blamed Obama (the most insane thing ever) for the economic crisis (Huh?????????) I don’t think people thought that was good.

Then his campaign ran the ad in the Wall Street Journal online saying he won the debate—before the debate.

This latest just seems like more of the same.

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I agree, careening is a great term for it. I don’t think he even noticed the hypocrisy of what he was saying.
He just jumped right back into a stump speech because someone had pushed the pork barrel button.

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bwah is a topic?

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@syz I think you may be right. I have been thinking about the strange about faces he has been doing, about sometimes he says a sentence and then contrdicts it in the next sentence, about the serious changes between McCain of 2000 vs. McCain of 2008, and I started to wonder if it is the difference between 70 and 78. I do not want another senile President.

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another? Bush isn’t senile, he’s just stupid, always has been

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La chica…I think she meant Reagan.

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@Fireside: it was supposed to be bwah?? As in, “Did this really just happen, that’s ridiculous, come on! Let’s be serious here! It’s the freaking presidential election!” But, you know, shortened. But the question marks fell off.

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@ Marina – Senile? What ever do you mean?

@EmpressPixie – Ahhh, the punctuation would have made all the difference : )

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Maybe I’m to old but I stll don’t have a clue what bwah means except that it must be a text question?

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Judi, I it means, “what” as in “whaaaaaaaaaaat? did he really just do that ”

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thanks, la chica, my kids will now think I’m cool. :-P
(I have always been the embarrassing Corney mom. ;-)

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ah, I just re-read what I wrote and there is a typo that actually changes the meaning…I was trying to write “I think it means…”

so yeah, i’m not sure. i don’t usually say “bwah”

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I thought it was short bwah ha ha (like guffawing laughter).

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You can see my comment above on what it meant. For those who hate the whisper:

@Fireside: it was supposed to be “bwah??” As in, “Did this really just happen, that’s ridiculous, come on! Let’s be serious here! It’s the freaking presidential election!” But, you know, shortened. But the question marks fell off.

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LOL, empress, we read your comment! Really!

But even after your comment, Judi said, “I still don’t have a clue what bwah mean” so it seems like even after reading it, some people were still unclear…

I gave Judi my interpretation, since it seemed that your own explanation didn’t make it clear to her…

I felt that the missing link in between “bwah?” and “did this just happen?” was the word “what?”

Is that not true? If it’s not, please tell me!

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Also, Empress!

Do you know of a news report about Mccain’s “turn-around” ?

I want to tell my mom about it, but I want to be able to quote a printed respected source so she won’t be able to argue with me about whether it’s true or not.

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I guess I was just thinking that it was an acrynom. Lets see
Wishey washey

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Nevermind my last comment, I just noticed the link, after reading through it myself, it really doesn’t sound like he was talking about that particular bill. I got the feeling that he was actually attempting to launch into a speech about why he’s better than Bush because he’s against “pork barrel spending” in general , because he’s opposed to it in theory, even if he does happen to be very pleased about this bill that perhaps includes a lot of it.

He said something like “until we get a president who will say, I’m gonna veto these bills…” etc, so I don’t think he even wants bush to veto this bill. i think he just wants to say that if he was the president he would veto a bill that gave a 6 million dollar tax break to virgin islands rum producers, wool weavers, and all that other crap they were talking about.

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La_chica: I think you are right, BUT I also don’t think he can say “I voted for this bill” at the same time as “I would veto every single porky bill no matter what it would do to this country”. You can’t have it both ways. Either some things are important enough to go through even with pork or they aren’t. If they aren’t don’t vote for them. If they are, do. But don’t vote for one, then say you’d totally veto it.

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The Daily Show always sums it up best.
Go about 1:50 into this video

I like watching the clock in the corner while playing this clip.

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Empress, I agree wholeheartedly!
fireside, i can’t wait to watch it! i’m at work :(

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