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How to listen from the US to BBC (UK) web audio broadcasts?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) October 2nd, 2008

When I click on any of many audio interviews available at the BBC’s UK website I get a message stating ‘Not available in your area’. Anyway to get around this problem?

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1. Move to the UK.

2. Or if option 1 doesn’t work for you then you need to make your IP address look like you’re in the UK. soemhow

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Based on that, you may want to check out this thread

but i don’t really know

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I think you can get video here—
They are broadcasting the VP debate live tonight, too.

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You could use Tor to connect to it through firefox. The reason I suggest Tor is because I find that I usually get routed to somewhere in Europe (usually Germany) which proves annoying when trying to google things.

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You need to route your connection through a proxy server in the UK. Do a search for free proxy servers and find one in the UK. Most Internet software. (browsers, media players, etc) will let you use a proxy in the settings. Enter the proxy servers IP and Port and then go to the site. You may need to clear your cache first. You can verify it works by going to Finally proxy servers tend to come and go quickly and many have slow connections. So you may have to try several.

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