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Why do we like Halloween so much?

Asked by jlm11f (12388points) October 2nd, 2008

Halloween is definitely one of my favorite festivals. Regardless of whether I am dressing up and going out or just staying home and handing out candy, it’s always fun and gives me a very happy feeling. But I can’t pinpoint why this is the case. I know one theory is that it’s a day where people get to be someone else. Maybe this is true for some. What are other possible reasons for Halloween being so well loved? Why do you think you like it?

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Candy! Candy! Candy!

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There’s a lot of expectations with the other big holidays.
Halloween is whatever you want it to be.
And you get to be whatever you want to be.

But, most importantly, CANDY!

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A wonderful excuse for girls to walk around half naked ^_^

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I used to like it much better. In just the last few years, the jack o’lanterns, skeletons, witches, bats, tombstones, etc., have given way to a different symbol: the spider in a web.

Being an arachnophobe, I deplore this change. Everywhere I drive or walk for more than a month, there are giant spiders across doors, picture windows, etc.

C’mon people, what does the spider have to do with Halloween anyway? Bring back the black cat!

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Lindsey Lohan (In mean girls) said it best:

“Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it”

In all reality, people can be completely goofy, without the social stigma of being a complete retard for a night…

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The indiscriminate giving aspect is really cool. Total strangers opening up and just giving, no questions asked. Deep down, that touches a chord in our soul.

And it also breaks through the insularity of modern life. It gets us to fling our doors open dozens of times to who-knows-who wearing who-knows-what.

It’s a celebration of openness, and we all long for that deep down.

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For me, it’s the joy of watching all the excited happy kids running around combined with the relaxation of low expectations. I love sitting on the stoop with a beer and a pile of candy, watching people have fun.

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Because nothing else comes close to running around at night playing combined manhunt/ egg fight/ tackle football or whatever it is that we do. And free candy.

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Because we all love stealing candy from children.

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Because people love haunted things and creepy things—they love to be scared! Halloween in intriguing and mysterious, and filled with free candy. Yum.
What’s not to love?

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1. No list of presents to buy
2. No in-laws or family to deal with
3. No ugly sweaters and benign chit-chat
4. No serious religious affiliations
5. No lying to your kids about Santas, bunnies, or fairies
6. No sentimental bad memories, or lonliness
7. No need to spend tons of money – can make your own costume and grow your own pumpkins
8. Kids get sugar highs and adults get to party
9. Carving pumpkins is theraputic and artistic
10. People in costumes are incredibly amusing.

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nocountry2 FTW

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It’s one of the only holidays when adults can let the inner child out to play again. Little kids can play dress up any time they want, but adults (except for crossdressers, lol) can only do it on Halloween!

Oh yeah, and the candy!! :P

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Free Candy Duh! I should flag this as a stupid question! Just Kidding! But still!

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whats not to love? of course we love it:

the fact that an university has a page, specifically delegated to their Halloween party, is a very beautiful thing.

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I always appreciated the ancient traditions of Halloween/Samhain/Dia De Los Muertos. One of the days of the year when the veil between the dead and the world of the living disappears, and we can connect with those who have passed through the veil. I dislike froofy, girlie, non-scary costumes. It’s the night when the ghouls come out; we are supposed to blend in.

That and candy!

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oh yeah, and tons of chocolate!!!

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@nocountry2: Halloween originated from All Saints Day. A RELIGIOUS holiday.
Just because Americans have treated it as not, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a strong religious background.

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I think it’s actually All Hallows Eve, the day before All Saints Day

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thats why nocountry2 said no serious religious affiliations. Yea it came from all hallows eve but no one really recognizes that anymore

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exactly – no religious pressure. You can participate without being affiliated or disloyal to your dominate religion (generally).

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Halloween gives me a reason to eat candy, drink alcohol, and go to a party in a ridiculous costume that is probably too short and that I would never, ever normally wear. I think those are three damn good reasons to love Halloween. Only 29 more days!!

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i like the idea of it being dark and spooky, and open to the supernatural.
Oddly, I never dress up. always hated that. I feel most comfortable at Halloween.
But then for me, every day is Halloween!

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because its about having fun without any religious intolerance or religious affiliation. Halloween is based on ancient superstitions, gives us a glimpse of long outdated beliefs, and/or gives us a way to express our innermost dark side safely. Some folks might be uptight about Halloween, but those people are probably on the wrong planet anyway, as they have no sense of humor.

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