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Wart removal tips?

Asked by hannahsugs (3238points) August 11th, 2007

I have a little wart on the side of my foot. What products have people had success with? over-the-counter medications? duct tape? holistic methods? forget it all and go to the doctor?

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I have removed two warts simple by cutting the head off over and over again, till it refuses to come back. My tool, toenail clippers. The trick, do not make it bleed.

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compound w makes a freezing application just like at the doc office. A can with a straw that has a foam tip press the can and the solutoin goes to the tip which you touch to the wart for freezing it off.

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I know many people that swear by duct tape. Absolutly swear by it.

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In the past I tried many home remedies, compound w, etc..the only success I found was going to the dermatologist and have the wart frozen off. It never came back after that.

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My grandmother magicked a wart off my brother''s hand in 1949. They buried a piece of raw bacon in the backyard under a full moon. Wart disappeared. My brother was 6 at the time, however.

I shudder at extol''s method.... an infection waiting to happen. All warts have a little vein or artery that supplies blood to them. I hope he boils the clippers. I too would recommend freezing at the dermatologist's. Altho an experiment w. duct tape is certainly benign.

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think it away. seriously.

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The only success I've had with warts is freezing them off from the Derm's office. Warts are caused by a herpes variant -- which is why many times it takes a couple treatments to get all the virus that lives in that skin area.

I'd recommend against the cutting approach -- seems like a great way to spread the virus and get more little warties.

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Spargett great answer, interestingly my son and my niece both had warts treated by physician’s staff and part of the treatment used duct tape. My sister had heard of duct tape treatment and thought it was too silly. She was surprised when they used duct tape on her daughter.

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dr shollts medicadite wart remover

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I had one on the inside of my left heel/foot bit. It actually splintered off and made a cluster. Which is sick. Doesn’t look that bad but definitely not great for flip flops. They used some sort of acid treatment and just kept cutting off the dead layers until it admitted defeat. The cutting? Didn’t feel it. The aced? Hell yes.

@extol: I used to do thatt on my hand! High-five.

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I had one on my foot to, and i put a piece of banana peel on it and then duct tape over that. Did this for a couple days and it died. Just pulled it out. Never came back.
Good Luck.

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The problem with warts on the feet is they may be plantar warts. These are very difficult to eliminate. I would go see a dermatologist or a podiatrist if the other suggestions don’t work.

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I have tried all of these, and none of them worked. The only thing that really got rid of my kids warts is Apple Cider Vinegar. Take the cotton off of the tip of a Q-tip and soak it in the cider vinegar. Put the cotton on top of the wart with a bandaid over it. Change twice a day. Promise it will work! Keep it covered until completely gone.

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