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Face off?

Asked by krose1223 (3254points) October 6th, 2008

If your SO had to get a new face would you love them the same? It would still be just as attractive or unattractive, whichever you prefer, it was still different though. Could you adjust?

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Ok, this might get confusing for a second…
My bestfriend’s husband is my SO’s best friend. Got that? We were joking around one day when this question came up. We were trying to figure out what would happen if for some unknown reason our SO’s had to switch faces. Would we still love them like we do? Looks aren’t the most important thing in a relationship obviously, but I have grown to love everything about my SO. This includes his looks. So if he were to look like a completely different person I don’t know how I would adjust to that.

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I think I’d have a harder time adjusting if his face were replaced by a familiar face, than if it was an unknown, random face.

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I agree with Augustlan. If Tim’s face was replaced with the one of say, my Econ professor, I would be MUCH more weirded out than if it was a random face I had never seen before.

As long as it wasn’t the face of someone I dislike, or my dad’s face, or the face of president bush (wait, that falls under someone i dislike, ha ha ha) or i guess any of my close relatives really, I think i could get over it.

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Honestly, I think I would always wonder if it was really EP’sBoy in there or if someone was pulling one over on me and that lack of trust would eventually destroy us. Now if I had proof it was him, I don’t think it would bother me too much unless, as previously mentioned, I was overly well acquainted with the face.

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Well if you’re together for a really long time that face is going to change significantly anyway. I find it hard to think of a situation where I’d even question loving him. How could I not?

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I think it would defiantly take time to adjust, but deep down it would be the same person and you would know that by the things they said and did. They would still have those same quirky things about them that you love or hate, just a different face attached to it. I think its kind of along the lines if someone had severe burns on there face. Would you just leave this person that you love just because there face was different? Some might say yes though I would not. The person I love is still behind that face.

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