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It's my 10th Year Anniversary...

Asked by rowenaz (2436points) October 7th, 2008

And this time I ACTUALLY REMEMBERED it….which is odd, because I am the chick….any suggestions? Last time I got him $50 worth of lottery tickets….Cologne….but times are tight. And for this b-day last year I took him to Block Island….no money for that this year….HELP!!

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Write him a letter about your ten years together: what you still find hot about him, the highlights of your time together, your appreciation for weathering the tough times with him, how you feel now ten years later.

If you want, include a coupon good for some special sexual fantasy of his.

Cook his favorite meal, rent a romantic movie, get some champagne (or sparking water with lime wedges). Meet him at the door in a sexy outfit.

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Buy him a grill?

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sometimes ya just cant celebrate like you want to. you’re either in between pay days or the water heater went out or the kids’ tuition is due. juggling money and celebrations is strategy and art. this is when you have to get creative and revert to romantic interludes that got you to 10 years in the first place. be resourceful and creative. the results are heartfelt because you did it from the heart. materialism kills us sometimes. if your mate is above “material” gifts, he/she is a keeper!

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@Marina: terrific answer. As a guy, that sounds like a great 10th anniversary.

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@Marina – fantastic answer.

To avoid unnecessary stress, my husband and I have a no-gifts pact. has worked great for 16 years.

We just do nice things for each other when the opportunity presents itself.

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@jasonjackson Thanks. Good to have confirmation that that would be a good way to go from the guy perspective.

@nina (We do the same (no gifts). We do getaways when we can, but we can have fun with little to no money.

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Distracton-free time alone; listen to each others hopes and dreams and appreciate the company and looking forward to the future. Think of ways to improve the relationship without material wealth; commitments and re-affirmations to hearing what each other needs out of the relationship is good to do periodically, and it sets the tone for a deepening of feelings and commitment.

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Recreate one of your early and exciting dates (preferably one from when you were young and had no money). For example, make up a picnic basket of favorite romantic foods, pack a blanket, and head out to wherever you used to go “parking.”

Pack the kids off (if any), cook his favorite dinner, serve it by candlelight while wearing his favorite outfit, and let things go from there (that’s how my parents always celebrated Leap Day). You might offer dessert in bed – whipped cream doesn’t stain the sheets too badly, but chocolate sauce is a bit more difficult to wash out.

The 10th anniversary is the tin or aluminum anniversary – get an inexpensive but nice-looking tin box and fill it with coupons for special treats redemable at any time. These can range from favorite foods to favorite (private) activities, or can include you doing some activity with him that he usually does by himself because you aren’t “into” it, like fishing.

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