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Ummm….. No. Why would they? I would think the advanced space travel technology would benefit us. At least it would be a way for the wealthy/government to go up and claim everything before all us “normies” therefore, making them richer by renting space gear and other planet land. Just my thoughts.

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I’m not sure if our government is smart enough to do that. It seems like surely someone would have come forward already.

Then again, they’d probably just be seen as a crackpot and dismissed.

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Absolutely not. And I have no doubt the “flying object” that was seen was a product of Los Alamos labs right around there.

The argument that the Government holds back UFO info to avoid a panic doesn’t hold water anymore, especially when we have nuclear missiles aimed at our houses from other countries and terrorists in our back yards.

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no, i think we would have had more leaks about it and more contact from that other world.

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I have to agree with bodyhead, there’s no way it could have been covered up for this long. we’re really not that good, GW would have been out cruising around on it instead of clearing brush from his ranch every august.

wait, maybe that was Cheney’s undisclosed location. whenever there was trouble, he would get beamed to a spaceship until the all clear was given. : )

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nah, I think it was the Stealth being tested.

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In 1947?????????

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Sure why not?

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I’m truly amazed at how many folks have fallen for the US Government “weather balloon” bullshit.

I guess Barnum was right, after all…

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Angela Joiner for StephenvilleLights [dot] com reports that, based on raw radar data from five FAA towers…

The unknown object was on a trajectory towards and 10 miles from President Bush’s Crawford Ranch without a required beacon signal and, seemingly, without any military interest.

I originally read about the release of the FAA data in the Fort Worth Star Telegram, if anyone wanted a real journalism reference.

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As information, MUFON is a highly respected organization, whose only goal/agenda is to discover the truth about UFOs, one way, or the other.

Those who believe, and those who are skeptics, applaud the work of that group of dedicated and open-minded professionals.

I was offered a position with them, but had to turn it down after my superiors on my home planet of Quertzl told me that I couldn’t be impartial.

They were right, of course.

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