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Early stage of thyroid disease or just american diet?

Asked by shobhita (1points) October 8th, 2008

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I just went to doctor and she told me that my antibodies are a LITTLE over what is considered normal… but i might not really have the thyroid prob. She said that this might be due to AMERICAN diet… in addition to the weight gain i’m noticing. So basically I’m going to my country for couple of months to eat the healthy and traditionally cooked diet and she said when i come back I’ll have to do the blood tests again for antibodies and stuff. So my question is… If your at an early stage of thyroid…could you be treated with just basic diet adjustment instead of taking medications?

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I’m a firm believer in the effectiveness of natural medicines, and I also believe that the typical American diet is absolutely to blame for most of the disease we face here. With as much chemicals and preservatives we pump into our food supply I can’t see the logic in denying its influence on our health.

Where are you from, if you don’t mind me asking?

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Let me step off my soap box for a minute, haha!

You can definitely be treated for that without medications. I don’t want to give you any of my own suggestions without knowing any of your history, but I would seriously consider going to an herbalist or homeopathic doctor if you don’t want to be traditionally medicated.

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well im from India… and there we eat all natural stuff… lesss of the chemical stuff….so that’s why I’m going there to see if my weight and my health changes or not.
And yeah I was reading about HOMEOPATHIC medications but the prob is that i heard they have no sideaffects… but at the same time dey work slow…. so I was wondering if anyone here has tried homeopathic medications for thyroid problems? and was it affective?

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The reason they work slow is because they treat the root of the problem and not just the symptoms. So while it may take 6 months for all symptoms to subside entirely, it’s not just a quick-fix, but a long-term cure.

Also, I would bet that yes, if you were to go back to eating all natural foods your health would improve. Especially considering the amount of spices often used in India, which are fantastic for your health.

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yeah so that’s one of the thing i really want to test… and if it due to american food…then i’m ALWAYS gonna buy organic food and food from indian store… and no MCD or BK fast food! when i come back to america haha…

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and thankx shilolo for the website :)

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Eating healthier is certainly a good idea, but this is highly unlikely to cure thyroid problems. Losing weight can alleviate diabetes (another endocrine disease), but not thyroid disease. Further, homeopathic treatments are not medicine. They are modern quackery, plain and simple.

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do know anyone that took homeopathic treatment and were fully cured of hypo or hyper thyroid?

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This is an excellent resource for learning about thyroid problems and possible treatments.

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