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Has anyone made oatmeal cookies using steel cut instead of Quakers?

Asked by knittingandcanning (346points) October 9th, 2008

If anyone has a recipe, that would be great!

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I’m a little wary of the first link because it doesn’t call for the oats to be cooked at all before baking. When cooking normal oatmeal on the stove, it takes less than 5 minutes once the water is hot, but with steel-cut, it is more like 45.

The cookies only bake for 11 minutes, so I don’t see how the oatmeal could be cooked in that amount of time. It seems like the oats would still be hard.

I put a lot more trust in Alton Brown, but unfortunately the second recipe, his, is for normal oatmeal, not cookies, Soapchef.

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Oh you got me la chica. Just tryin to help, its late and I’m not giving it my full attention. Maybe you have something you can contribute?

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I wish I did. Now you caught me. :)
I’ve never tried making oatmeal with steel-cut. I content myself with the normal “quick-cook” in my oatmeal cookies. (oatmeal is just about the only kind i bake though. i love me some oatmeal cookies).

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I know this does not directly answer the question but i have had good luck with the website

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I’ve thought of playing with the leftover oatmeal, but lately I’m lucky if the boys leave me any for my breakfast. :P I have been looking for a recipe but haven’t found one yet.

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I am pretty sure that it won’t work, because you have to cook the steel cut oatmeal for so long. not positive, but I am an avid baker, and it just doesn’t make sense. If there is a recipe out there, I would imagine that the oatmeal has to be cooked first..before adding to the batter. again..just a hunch from experience. ;)

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I’ve made them with steel cut oats, and it’s a crispier cookie, not chewy.

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