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Original Halloween Costume?

Asked by PIXEL (1233points) October 11th, 2008 from iPhone

Im looking for an original Halloween costume. Something nobody else would think of. What were you for Halloween? Thanks

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Your question is contradictory!

One particular costume that I remember seeing one year (original, but someone obviously has already thought of it) was one person dressed as Mario and another as the cube. They’d run into one another and the cube person would fling out chocolate gold coins. Very cute.

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I once went as a “cowgirl hooker”: Daisy Duke shorts, a plaid button front shirt – tied in a knot above my belly button, cowboy boots, cowboy hat and tons of makeup.

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@Nimis Haha nice. That is original.

@agustlan One girl in my school was that. Hehe

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I’ve always wanted to see someone as eraserhead.

I plan on being Morticia from the Adam’s Family the boyfriend is going as Gomez

The STRANGEST costume I ever had for halloween was that I was Isaac from the movie Children of the Corn. I was a strange kid.

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Where’s Waldo, a pile of leaves, the Fluther jellyfish? I’ve got more ideas but I might use them this year.

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You can use my idea if you want, i’m leaning in another direction anyway….

it’s: Carmen Miranda Sandiego

basically Carmen Miranda and Carmen Sandiego mixed into one glorious costume { think trench coats and fruit bowls}

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@intro24 Care to share any more? :)

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But sewiosly, I will be making a steampunk outfit. So cool, it’s like, so owiginal.

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Zomg, I betcha Jack is going as a phallus. **tease**


I heart you jack :D

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Here’s something original for you.

Dress up as a combination of two people.

The first one would be Napoleon Hill, a brilliant writer who authored a best-selling motivational book titled, Think & Grow Rich.

The second person [fictional] would be the developer of RogaineĀ®.

When people ask who you are, reply, “I am a world-famous scientist who wrote, ‘THINK & GROW HAIR’.”

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I won’t go dressed as a male reproductive organ.

That statement (above) is a total phallusy.

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@PIXEL Well I think aanuszek1 was whack-a-mole once, my other friend was a jeopardy contestant, and some of my other ideas include a poptart and the “Can you hear me now?” guy. Finally, one of my ideas is to get a donkey costume and put a pocket protector, calculator, and nerd glasses on it and be a smart ass. Get it? It’s a pun.

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The Can you hear me now? guy would be awesome—but only if you had a ginormous entourage.

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I’m partial to the donkey with glasses.

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How ‘bout a donkey with glasses followed by the Can you hear me now? guy
—followed by a ginormous entourage?

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All great ideas. But I’m still not convinced what to be for Halloween.

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Whoever Idea I use wins and gets free lurve! Aha

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you could be a pirate, and inside yarr overcoat, you could have a bunch of burned CD’s… that’s what I did last year.

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In order for a costume to be ORIGINAL, it has to come the question asker’s OWN MIND, and NOT OURS.

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Nothing has been original since Plato.

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Well, since the first answerer said that it was “contradictory”, I think it gave everyone free reign to state what they were wearing.


Mebbe not….

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I finally got it! This is perfect…

Do NOT attend ANY costume parties, whatsoever.

Then, when someone asks you, “Why didn’t you come to my costume party?” you respond with this:

“What the Hell are you talking about? I definitely was there! I was dressed as the INVISIBLE MAN! Hey, wasn’t it funny when Bill’s wristwatch fell into the ranch dressing? I almost laughed out loud and gave away my location in the room!”

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@jackadams Wow that was funny. Specially when I got invited to a party I don’t want to go to. I’ll say that. Hahaha

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Last year I couldn’t find a costume, so I went to a party with a sign around my neck that said “Nudist on Strike.”

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PIXEL, to further enhance the gag and make it appear that you really were at the party, enlist the aid of someone who really was there and have that person tell you of some real things that happened at the party, and when you start telling your “victim/target” about those incidents, s/he will think, “Gee, maybe s/he WAS there!”

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my friend and I are going as a montage of Tim Curry characters it’s King Arthur, Wadsworth, and Dr. Frank N Furter. I don’t think it gets anymore original than that lol

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Thanks for posting that picture.

I needed to puke today…

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It was a trap. I knew if I purred, you, specifically, would fall for it. :)

**mischievous grin**

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Be careful!

I have friends in Newark!

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This doesn’t work for everyone, but it worked for me.

I always wear hiking boots, jeans, and a plain t-shirt, and a flannel shirt over the t-shirt in cold weather. I don’t think I so much as own a shirt with writing or graphics on it.

SO, last year for Halloween I wore a shirt with the word ABERCROMBIE plastered across the front, pre-ripped jeans, and new Nike sneakers. People who actually dress like that didn’t think it was too funny. Everyone else did.

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My friend went as “Little Ho Peep and her Gangsta Sheep” last year. She was dressed up as Bo Peep a la club clothes, and her husband and two of his friends were sagging, wore hoodies with cotton balls glued all over them, with gold chains and sunglasses. they carried a section of white picket fence.

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One year a middle school aged kid came by, wearing a trenchcoat, suit with a white shirt and tie, black dress shoes. His hair was slicked down and he had on black rimmed glasses. He carried a briefcase. When I asked him what he was, he replied, “I’m your worst nightmare. I’m from the IRS and I’m here to audit you.” He then opened the briefcase and said trick or treat.

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Here’s a stunt that a friend of mine pulled, when he attended a Halloween costume party. He brought along a babe who looked like this.

He got her NOT TO LAUGH by teaching her the “actor’s trick” of gently biting her own tongue, if she felt a laugh coming on.

He “worked the room,” taking his GF around and introducing her to everyone by saying, “This is my buddy, Edgar, the very best FEMALE IMPERSONATOR, ever. Looks just like a girl, doesn’t he? Admit it: You were genuinely fooled, right?”

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I posted this on another, similarly-worded thread, but thought I would post it here, as well:

Carry a fresh (unopened/new) box of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes with you, to the costume party.

When someone comes up to you and asks, “What the Hell kind of costume is THAT?” you reach into your pocket, take out some kind of KNIFE, and in front of those assembled, begin stabbing the box that you are carrying.

Then announce to the crowd, LOOK! I AM A CEREAL KILLER!”

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@JackAdams Haha! Now that was funny. Cereal Killer. Haha

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I thought this was pretty original:

My friend glued socks and dryer sheets on him and spiked his hair up (he had long hair at the time, about down to his chin, so it looked very odd with it spiked up) and he went as static electricity.

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Sexy Montauk Monster

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Or: The death of print media. You could go as RADAR! … too soon?

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I think it would be cool to dress as something really out there. Maybe you could dress as a sort of a concept or characteristic like “laziness”. You could wear clothing that is falling apart and dirty and drizzle potato chip crumbs all over yourself.

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