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If someone gets you a gift certificate, do you make a point of telling them what you ended up using it for?

Asked by cyndyh (7648points) October 13th, 2008

Does it depend on how close you are to the person or not? Do you consider it polite or not?

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I think it makes most people feel good if you have a real use for their gift, so I would. How would you feel if you got someone a gift certificate (or ANY gift) and found out that a year went by and they didn’t use it? So I want to know I made a good choice.

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Yes, if I receive cash or a gift certificate I include what I used it for in the thank you note.

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If I use it by the time I thank them, I do. If it’s something that I don’t do often, I usually thank them for the gift and say that I look forward to using it the next time I go there. My mum kind of beat “thank by next week” into my head and honestly I don’t usually go shopping every week.

If it is an Amazon card, on the other hand, they usually get thanked in about five seconds along with what it was for. Because there’s always something to get on Amazon.

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Oh, definitely!

Whenever someone gives me a gift certificate for a present (or a past, or a future), I always send them a note that says, “Thank you so much for the wonderful gift certificate! I went right out to [insert store name here] and got myself something terrific, and YOU made it possible! Thanks again!”

It would be very rude, NOT to do that.

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@cyndh, what do you do when you get CASH as a gift?

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People give that? WOW!

I wish they had done that for me!

I have some of his records, and I love them all!

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It’s not his records – they pass around his ASHES.

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I guess you can say they’re “CASH’S ASHES”?!!!

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That reminds me – If Oprah Winfrey married Deepak Chopra, she’d be Oprah Chopra!

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<insert rim shot>

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The definition of CASHEW is, “something a country singer used to wear on his foot.”

(Rim shot inserted. Rectally.)

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Hehe you guys are funny. :^>

@Mr_M: I do tell people what I used it for. When it’s a gift certificate, that is. When it’s Cash, I listen to it and say thanks. :^> I just wasn’t sure if that’s what everyone does or if some people might find it weird. For example, it sounds like Jack sends a non-specific thank you instead.

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I believe when one gets a wedding gift of, say money, your “Thank you” should include “We will use it for furniture” or something like that.

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Ok, that’s always seemed right to me. Thanks for confirming my thoughts on the matter.

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Mr_M is so right, when it comes to receiving currency as a wedding gift.

In such a case, a note saying, “We will be using your very generous gift to hire the services of a professional film crew, to videotape our wedding night at the XXX Barbie Doll Motel on East Sepulveda in San Luis Obispo. We’re buying new whips, chains and fake fur-lined handcuffs, just for our once-in-a-lifetime event, which your unselfish kindness has helped to make possible,” is most appropriate and always appreciated.

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Oh, you know my friends?! They had to tell us so we could pre-order a copy. :^>

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Order the DVDs; the VHS copies are too “grainy.”

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If i am close to the person yes I will tell them or if they ask me but if they are acquaintances I don’t think I would tell them.

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