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If you have to decline a wedding invitation, do you still send a gift?

Asked by simpleD (3644points) June 11th, 2009

I’m good friends with the bride’s father, but I’m not able to attend the event. I don’t know what the expectations are.

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I would send a gift anyway, since you are friends with the brides father. I’m not sure what the ettiquette really is here. Maybe just send a check.

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I always send a gift for parties, weddings, Bar MItzvah’s… anything celebratory that I am invited to and have to decline.

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It definitely depends on how close I am with the bride and groom – I don’t usually send a gift, no and for all my close friends, I’ve been able to attend

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You’re not expected to buy a gift even if you do attend, but it is a nice gesture of goodwill.

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Well, you certainly don’t have to, but it’s always appreciated. It may be best just to send something and and err on the side of caution.

Perhaps you could send a Visa giftcard or something? They can be used anywhere just like a credit card and can be bought to have amounts like 25 dollars, 50, 100+...

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Ooooh GQ – It’s wedding season, already!

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Thanks for the opinions. I think I’ll send a gift card.

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It depends on the culture – in some countries it’s very very rude to not send a gift: it could mean many things, like you are against the marriage, you don’t want to know them… to be on the safe side: just send a gift.

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You are all invited to all parties for this household of the birthday and anniversary type , since non of you can make it a gift will suffice .lol

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Fresh baked cookies are always nice.

assuming I’m the recipient, of course

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I was always taught that if you got an invite, you should send a gift, even if you don’t attend the wedding.

It’s always a nice thing to do, since they thought enough to invite you.

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