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Whos voting rhinosaurus? (canadian elections)

Asked by Mtl_zack (6762points) October 13th, 2008

apparently there’s a rhino party running in my riding. who would vote for these people:

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Some people will. Not I, however.

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OF COURSE I will be voting the Rhino Party!!! I dont really have a choice you know, eh?

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There’s more than just the Rhino party. There are dozens of stupid, IMO, unheard of parties all over Canada. Take the Marijuana Party for example, not kidding.

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The Marijuana Party has a legit, if limited, platform. The Rhino Party, along with these parties, are not to be taken seriously. I don’t believe they are “stupid”, however – they were formed merely to entertain, and it seems to me that many of them are successful.

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I’m with you, shading; IMHO, these devices are meant as spoofs and caricatures of the “serious” political machine. I for one, am also finding it harder and harder to take the “real” parties seriously. Unfortunately, it is all too real, and I am very concerned for our collective future.

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