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Does the iPhone live up to all the hype?

Asked by SmithPow123 (11points) October 14th, 2008

I’m considering making the switch to AT&T so I can get the 3 GB iphone. Anyone want to share their experiences with the phone? Is it worth the switch and the money? I use my phone for work email all the time, so how well does the iphone perform in that capacity?

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Yes. Everything made by Apple not only lives up to all the hype, but it also exceeds the hype.

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Its definitely worth the money. Now I think you mean 3G and not 3 GB. The iPhone sells for 8 and 16 GBS. I love my iPhone now I can’t imagine living without it. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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what pisses me off about searching the Internet on the iPhone is that it always brings you to the top of the webpage over and over again It currently is doing so as I type…and not to mention it kicks you off the internet every now and then too Overall I give the iPhone a 8/10 I just wish the shitty net experience would be fixed

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If it’s bringing you to the top of the page over and over, that means your finger is too big or something.

The iPhone scrolls to the top anytime you press the top bar. If that keeps happening when you’re pressing the address bar, you are slipping upward or you should use the tippy-tip of your finger.

I bought my first iPhone last year – and bought my 3G this year. Yes, it surpasses the hype.

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Whenever I press the back button to go back to the original page like on fluther it jumps back up to the top Therefore I have to scroll back down to where I was previously at

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also if the page isn’t fully loaded and you have started to scroll down it will bring your ass back up to the top of the page…also pissing me off bc it is an inconvience

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That means you are brushing/swiping the top bar. That’s not a fluke.

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This is a bit of topic but the Macworld Keynote is up if anyone wants to check that out. New MacBooks!

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Same thing happens to me. I can scroll down while a page is loading and even if I don’t touch it, it still goes to the top of the page when it’s finished loading!! I still love my iPhone though!

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I like my iPhone. It’s easy to use but it lacks some of the features I loved about my AT&T tilt. There’s no copy/paste, no flash, no bluetooth transfer or streaming music via Bluetooth, no word processor(that you can transfer off the phone), it does not work with slingbox, and while it has a camera there’s no pic messages. Overall it’s good but I’m slightly dissapointed with it

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They’re all that and more!!!

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Yes, it lives up to the hype, in the sense that it’s better than any other phone I’ve owned or played with (mostly Palm OS & Windows Mobile devices).

Some things aren’t terrific though. I mean, it does have shortcomings, just fewer of them than other devices I’ve had experience with. :)

For instance, one thing that still bothers me a tad is the keyboard – I was a good thumb typist (30–40 words per minute) on my Treo, and while I’ve gotten better over time, I can still only to probably ~20 wpm on the iPhone keyboard. I also miss copy/paste.

I have a few friends who’ve also moved to iPhone from other smartphone platforms (including Blackberry). Their opinions are much like mine: there are a few shortcomings which irk them, but overall they’ve been pleased with their decision, and have no plans to move back to their previous platform.

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it’s ok. i still have issues with texting, but that’s just me. It’s better than the other phones out there.

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Yep, though safari is a bit unstable on sites with heavy pictures.

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it’s kicking me off the net with every other page I open Its like the little iPhone brain freaks out and shuts down It really aggravates me

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@smullane: Periodically go into Settings > Safari and clear your history and cache, that reduces the number of Safari crashes. Turning it all the way off once or twice a week also helps. As for bumping you to the top when it finishes loading the page, that is normal; and I also get bumped back to the top when hitting the Back button while on Fluther (there may be a way our illustrious founders can solve that through software).

However… you must realize that this is a tiny device held in your hand with no connections to anything!! As someone who learned to write MS-BASIC on an Apple IIe in 1982, I am constantly astounded at what this device can do, and I scold myself when I become impatient with it. Those inconveniences are truly minor. I got an iPhone the day they came out in the USA, and the second one within that first week, and I can’t imagine life without it.

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Boy does it ever.
I bought the first version and the reception was so bad I took it back. I then spent the next 8 months trying to find a phone that would be just half as good. Forget it. They are all just pale imitations.

I returned my $600 HTC Diamond Touch last week, I walked over to the Apple store and bought a 3g. I will not be returning this one.

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@Pixel. I know, I am so happy they are in!

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Just yes.

Like so few things in life do.

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