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When was the last time you wrote (or received) a handwritten letter?

Asked by Nimis (13219points) October 14th, 2008

Excluding cards and postcards.
How old are/were you and how old is/was your correspond-ee?

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last month my buddy was at ft Knox and I was in Georgia He’s back now in Georgia but I am 21 and he is 19

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Last received: Dec 2007
Last written: I don’t think those memory cells exist any longer

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Last received – 9th October 2008 . made me really happy :)
Last sent – Sometime in August, 2008.

I love sending/receiving handwritten letters. Email is amazing, but nothing can replace that personal touch.

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In the last two months for sent. Received: sometime in 2008.

I second PnL!

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This week I sent out some thank you notes for birthday gifts!

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um…can’t even think of any at all!!!! how sad it that?

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I’m 49 years old and I wrote my brother 2 weeks ago. He is homeless and doesn’t have a phone or computer, obviously. He picks mail up from my sister’s house. They both live in another state, 1300 miles away from me.

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The last I sent one was about two months ago. The last I received one was about one month ago. My friend Amy and I handwrite letters to each other approximately monthly just for the fun of it, even though we also correspond online.

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My mom sent me an angry ranty letter about a week ago. I’m 36 and she’s 55. These things happen from time to time, but despite all the family drama, it was still a several-page handwritten letter.

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Friday: worked on writing, will send tomorrow
Received: Last Tuesday, it took until Friday for me to have free time.

This is a one off, but I have a pen pal (a gal I went to high school with) that I write to regularly (and she writes back!). I’m 23, she’s 22. The more recent letter was in response to a post card, I’m 23, he’s 18. .

I LOVE handwritten letters. Sending and getting.

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I get letters everytime someone I know goes to jail.

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The last letter I got was an F.
Luckily, I didn’t need that class to graduate.

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@cheebdragon: But are they handwritten?

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Sadly, I cannot remember the last time for either event. I do miss that. : (

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jvgr- yes they are all handwritten…...

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like 3 years ago from a ex-college girl-friend

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i send and receive one weekly to/from my friend who lives in Atlanta. We decided in July that snail mail was the way to go, and we’ve stuck to it. I love it :)

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Last month I co-wrote a letter/card and sent it to my friend who’s abroad in France.

Before that I received a postcard from that friend.

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i correspond every few months with a friend i know from 7th grade. i am 42. she is 43. she moved down south about 10 years ago. we can do email but we seem to like the handwritten thing. the last time i got letter from her was in the spring 08.

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