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Can you see how many observing members are on a question that wasn't posted by you?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) October 15th, 2008 from iPhone

or you just can see it on your own?

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Ermmm…just look at another question.
The answer is yes, by the way.

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I tried nimis, and I always see 1 observing member, that’s why I had to ask, but thanks! ;)

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That one observing member is you, silly.
Let’s trot over to the last question about dreams, you’ll see us both.

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Anyway, I wish there was an indicator of how many people are currently following a question! I know that number is probably well correlated to the number of people who responded, but of course there are also people who didn’t have anything to say but clicked “follow this question,” as well as people who did respond but got tired of the question and then stopped following it. (I’ve done both frequently.)

Hint hint hint, Fluther moderators!

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@gofs I like that idea. Hang on to that for the next inevitable question about possible changes/improvements to Fluther.

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I “third” that idea…it’s a good one!

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