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How should I deal with a bathroom floor that leaks to the room below?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) October 16th, 2008

I think this happens only when someone takes a shower without the curtain in—but it doesn’t seem right that the floor should be so porous. It has tile now. Is there something I can put on the tile to make this stop? Should I re-tile the floor? Get a better shower curtain? More careful renters?

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maybe just try re-caulking the tiles and around the shower.

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Test it. Go up stairs and turn on the tub for a few minuets. see if it is a pipe problem or not. As an apartment owner I know that sometimes you have to be quite the detective. Find out if it happens every time they take a shower or when only one person takes a shower. Check the toilet as well. Maybe the little hose that puts water in is facing up and has a leak out the back if the tank, or maybe there’s a crack in the tank. You have to keep trying to duplicate the problem before you can accurately diagnose it and correctly fix it. I wouldn’t waste a lot of money on fixes until you are absolutely sure of the cause.

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It may not be the floor, specifically, but a lack of caulk on the inside of the tub (where tub meets wall) or outside where tub meets floor.

If the grout in the floor tiles is not tight and compact, you will want to dig out all the unsound grout and regrout. If it is tight, you should clean the floor really well with bathroom-type cleaner and rinse well. When dry, apply grout sealer to the floor.

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@judi is also correct. Detective work is imperative as water leaks can be extremely difficult to locate. Is the link between shower and leak certain? It could be coincidental.

Another possibility is that the drain assembly of the tub could be loose causing leaks. You will want to ensure that it is tight.

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Call Joe the plumber, he needs the money.

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Just understand the Joe The Plumber IS NOT licensed.

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Hah, that deserves some lurve Dandy!

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Thanks! He also owes the state of Ohio almost $1,200 in back income taxes.

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The guy fix: Tell them to shower downstairs.

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