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How do bananas grow?

Asked by eri231 (1points) October 16th, 2008

I know this is random, but how do bananas grow? do they start as a flower or do they just appear one morning or what??

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“this”: is what real banana looks like. theyve been bred to look like the ones we eat in north america.

they come out of a “bunch”:, but im not sure about the actual terminology for a banana group.

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Here might be some info for you. And yes, they do develop upside down.

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More than you want to know about bananas. For specific answer to your question (might also be in graylady’s site ^^) read the middle section on Botanical description. And think about apple, cherry, pear, plum, peach blossoms and then ensuing fruit.

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Interesting question.

I talked to a banana grower in Hawaii. He said that the trees grow up and produce bananas in 100 days. Then they die. I thought this was fascinating…although I do not know if it is true. I took him at his word.

I did not have time to read the first replies. Perhaps you can tell me if I am right about this.

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I think fruits are the ovaries of flowers.
So it must come from a flower at some point?

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Yes. It starts by growing upwards and then the weight of the banana or plantain causes it to point downwards. I didn’t have time to read most of my link, either. Right now I have other things to focus on besides the botany of bananas.

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how do bananas grow?

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who r u textin me

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