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Do you know what richardhenry has been up to?

Asked by robmandu (21293points) October 17th, 2008

That wanker has gone and ginned up a fresh new web site: Cursebird.

It polls Twitter for tweets containing expletives and serves up ‘em up with four-second refresh intervals.

It’s effin’ brilliant!

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So far I only see tweets with “fuck” and “shit” coming through. Either richardhenry has a limited curseword vocabulary by which to screen, or people are really not that creative in their curseword usage.

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Great idea…

richardhenry do you have plans to extend it? I’m thinking stats. What’s is the twitter curse word of choice? Top cursers perhaps, a dubious distinction which earns you a sweet linked button for your twitterpage?

Very clean.

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That’s pretty damn funny. Good for you, richardhenry.

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Pretty cool! Although, I do prefer SIYP.

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har har har… That’s a hoot!!! Love it!! if we start cussing in here, will it show up there???

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@funkdaddy: I’ve been trying to deal with the many thousands of visitors for the moment (Biz Stone, founder of Twitter mentioned it in his status)... but yeah, I have future plans for it, involving stats and other amusing things. The amount of conversation about it has been ridiculous:

@girlofscience: I also look for the quality of the tweet… there’s a lot of gangsta rappers out there, and i’d rather the more funny tweets get through. I’m playing with different filters on my staging server, and will fire up a new algorithm as I find a better mix.

Thanks for the interest, and the mention Rob! (I didn’t know this thread existed until scamp linked me a minute ago heh!)

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I’m also trying to Buzz it up at Yahoo!

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congrats… seems to be a huge hit!

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WTG richardhenry ! @robmandu , I wasn’t tattling on you.. I just sent him kudos…honest! ha ha!!

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@robmandu: Something so sneaky about buzzing your own work. Heh :)

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You learn something new each day!

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He made another site? Awesome, Rich!

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Right guys.
I’ll tell you exactly what he’s been doing for the last 5 hours.
He’s been watching his twitter page occasionally going “OMG! JOE! LOOK! ONE NEW FOLLOWER!!!”

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Love the site. Just signed up for Digg just to digg it.

Was curious though…did you pop your blacks somehow?
The black in everyone’s avatar seems…blacker than black.
Or is that just my monitor?

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@cage: Pretty much! Hehe.

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@Nimis: That’s strange. The avatars come straight from Twitters’ server, I don’t touch them.

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Oh! I know what it is. You shrink the avatars a bit,
so the colours are a little more dense.

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That is hilarious!

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um…ok. Not so exciting to me.

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Stats are in, 10,000+ visitors in the first 24 hours! It’s crazy that it took off so fast. The chatter about it (the Twitter search link I posted above) is the thing that elates me the most. Thanks for the support guys, even if Digg didn’t appreciate it!

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I dugg it =P

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Week later…

Ugh. Didn’t get very much sleep last night! Huge scaling problems. I re-wrote Cursebird from the ground up in about an hour so that it could cope with the load, and with a lot of help from Andrew, it’s holding okay now.

It’s been featured on Daring Fireball, which is around a million readers a month, and Laughing Squid, which is something relatively high too.

Oh, and it’s been re-submitted to digg, and looks like it could hit front page this time:

This is so much fun. Hehe.

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^ Oh, and um, Digg it! (Again.)

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@richardhenry: You have no shame!! LOL

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@poof: I know. :p

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but we lurve you anyway!

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way to go, richard!

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