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If you wanted to make a Fruit of the Loom apple as a halloween costume, how would you do it?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) October 17th, 2008


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I’m not sure you would want to spend that much, but at least looking at the pictures, maybe you could get an idea of what you would need. Red, green and brown felt, for sure. Somehow sew it together with holes for your legs and fill with balloons, and then snapping it in the back?

Going as the grapes might be easier…

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I found some ideas for you here. Do we get to see pics of the finished project?

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Yes definitely

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yippeeee!! I can’t wait. I bet it will be cute.

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I think that I would try a bag with crumpled newspaper for fullness with arm, leg, and head holes cut out. It might be a good idea to cinch it up at the waist, where it comes down on either side like a tucked in shirt but so that they can still go potty without a problem. A garbage bag might be a good idea for this, but it depends on how hot (or not) it is where you are. Put a red felt bag over it, cinched in at the bottom and you have your apple suit!

For the top, some posterboard for shape with felt glued on in the right pattern would probably do the trick. :)

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Oversized red sweatshirts, like 3 of them. Cut a slit up the front and the back of one. cut the front and back of the other two into triangles, and insert them into the slit to make a full gusset, sort of like creating a big pleat in the front and back. Put elastic at the bottom. to tighten it up. Stuff the inside of the whole thing to round it out and push the pleat outward. Wear matching red sweat pants. Get some foam rubber and cut a circle out of it; paint the top red, and and a branch into the top for a stem.

Grapes are easy. Purple sweats, purple balloons, silk ivy. Blow up the balloons, safety pin to body of sweats, bobby pin ivy to top of head.

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So, how did it turn out?

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