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Something fun to do to pass time at a semi- formal birthday party?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3155points) October 26th, 2008

If you’ve seen my other question, I’m still planning out my 16th birthday party. What I want to do, is have a semi formal birthday party. Not tooo formal, but dresss up and stuff.
Some music in the background, decorations around the room..Food on the tables, they get it themselves, Pita’s, fruit platters, punch bowl…
For activities, so far I might want to do a Chubby buddy contest (stuff as many jumbo marshmellows in ur mouth as u can and the one who can stuff the most wins a prize).
What else could i add in for the activities to keep my guests occupied? I don’t want a dance at my party, it’s just too hard to get them to start dancing, and maybe just something fun to do indoors. (It might be somewhat cold outside during this time around my city)
And for those wondering, I’ll most likely just rent out a big room at some place downtown.. soo, anymore suggestions? (PS: sorry if that was hard to understand or read.. haha)

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I don’t think a Chubby Buddy contest and dressed up guest quite go together.

I would be willing to bet that it would not be as hard to get people to dance as you might think. You might want to see if there is someone at school that is interested in DJing, That would get people out on the dance floor.

You might also want to google bar mitzvah. There’s lots of really great ideas for themed parties.

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yes, i know the chubby buddy contest and dressed up doesn’t go together, but it’d still be fun. :)

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…and the Chubby bunny contest could kill you. Just saying, is all. Although, a poorly placed high heel to the temple could probably kill a person, too, so be careful when you’re dancing.

What about some fun board games? Something like Cranium, Scattegories, Taboo, you know, games that make people act goofy but you can play on teams, so everyone can join in.

I had a party like this when I was your age (not that long ago), and we played Charades. But really, we found our own ways to entertain ourselves. I think sometimes over planning is bad. Have a few ideas in mind, but you’ll see that once everyone gets there, you probably won’t have a hard time thinking up something to do.

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aweee, how could the chubby buddy contest kill? :(

well, i’d rather not board games though, thanks for the suggestions tho. =D

I just want to have something planned, so that if everything goes awkward, i’ll have something to do and suggest.

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We’re still kids, even if we’re dressed up. might as well have fun :D

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oh. lol. it was bunny? haaa…

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awe… that’s a bummer, now i gotta think of something else.

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Charades? Or is that too old for your group

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People may just want to hang out and talk, Have music, maybe have a limbo contest.

Maybe do a variation of pin the tail on the donkey—Since 16 usually means driving, blow up a picture of a car, cut it into the right number of pieces so there’s one for each guest. Have the base be a picture of you waving, and then blindfold the guests, give them a piece of the car, and they have to put their piece on so you’re in the assembled car. am I describing this so it makes sense?

Two games that we played in youth group that were fun was line up in two lines of boy-girl and do a relay race of passing an orange under your chin. No hands allowed. Also did a relay where it was boy—girl, each person had a toothpick in their mouth, and they passed a livesaver down the line.

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alfredprufrock, love ur ideas. lol
that’s pretty intense. haha ppl do such fun things in youth.

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We’ve played it with two teams at parties and it is fun for a crowd.

Twister? But probably not good in dress-up clothes.

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you should totally rent a ballroom (like used for weddings and stuff) then you get some funky music and maybe have a Limbo contest! Or maybe you could have a dance contest! thats what my cousin did for her sweet 16 it was fun

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How about a ‘posh’ version of pass the parcel?? Have a male parcel and a female parcel. Have decent sweets in between layers or small gifts and cater your parcel to the male /female audience! Perfume/body spray/body scrub/decent bubble bath etc… Female
bottle openers/keyrings/body spray/tie/cufflinks etc… Male

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