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Who can you recommend to follow on Twitter and why?

Asked by exotag (14points) October 29th, 2008

Who really does it for you on twitter? anyone enlighting, thoughtful, creative…

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hodgman an absolutely hilarious author/comic
maddow good news coverage, and I like her a lot.
lonelysandwich i didn’t know you could be so funny in 140 chars.

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I follow maddow too – She is fantastic! I follow too

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AmazonMP3 – free & discounted music downloads announced daily.

Oh… and robmandu, of course, but only if you like awesomeness in your twitter feed.

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stephenfry very funny
mummabear and everyone she follows
leo laporte

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Our own Richard Henry, of course!

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themia, liesforliars, chelssss (aka me!)

Oh anddddddd, carlsjr!

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